Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • Disgraceful. An insult to Trek fans. Should be deleted from the series archives. Nearly drove the whole franchise into the ground. Spoilers below - as if Braga's self-indulgent writing didn't "spoil" the show already. "True to itself?" That's meaningless.

    I leave this review as a warning beacon to Trek fans in the future who journey here to find out about this episode: Do not approach, leave this system at maximum warp.

    The many shortcomings of this episode could have warranted the coining of a new word in the English language: "multifailure." Bad format. Bad story. Bad character resolutions. Bad omissions. It's no wonder that cast member Jolene Blalock went off on the writers, calling this eipsode "appalling... a reminder of why we're being cancelled."

    First, the episode is presented as a series of MTV-style focus interviews, where characters explain the action in flashbacks for viewers who are too dumb to figure it out watching a straight narrative. Ugh. And it's set in the framework of a holodeck story during an old episode of The Next Generation. Rather than being a tribute to loyal fans of Enterprise, they decided to exhume an obscure story from TNG. Why?

    Then there's the treatment of the characters. The popular Trip is killed in a ridiculously contrived scenario that has a ragtag group of pirates overtaking, boarding and commandeering the Enterprise. There's not an ounce of suspense or drama to his death, which obviously cut off the long-developing relationship that had been brewing between Trip and T'Pol. So zero payoff for all that development, and we get neither a symbolic first union between the different races (certainly the theme of the series, and arguably the single most important theme in all of Star Trek) nor the drama of a death scene between the two lovers. Lame.

    The other plot point that had been building over the course of many episodes was the birth of the Federation, with a legendary speech to be delivered by Jonathan Archer. We have heard about the impact of this speech on the characters, and we see Archer preparing for the speech, even walking out to deliver it - and then nothing. The writers apparently decided we didn't need to actually hear it. Yeah, why would any fans of Star Trek want to hear words of insipiration which summarize the spirit of the show, on the last episode of (what was at the time) the last Trek show left on TV? We would much rather hear an overweight, overaged Riker tell us what a valuable lesson he learned from his holodeck experience.

    So if you are reading this and you haven't actually seen the episode, do yourself the best favor you can do in your Enterprise-watching life and skip it. Go and re-watch the excellent penultimate episode, "Terra Prime," which is a pretty-good wrap-up for the storylines, series, and Pre-Abrams franchise. Imagine the bright future for Trip & T'pol and the Federation which had been hinted at over four seasons. And save yourself from the heavy disppointment of watching perhaps the worst-conceived episode in the entire franchise.
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