Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2003 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Twelve years into the future, T'Pol reveals that she and Archer are living in a colony of the last surviving humans. While in the expanse years earlier, Archer had become infected with parasites in a state of temporal flux, which prevented him from forming new long-term memories. With Archer unfit for duty, the mission to save Earth had failed.moreless

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  • This is definitely one of the better Enterprise episodes, but it could have been better.

    This episode was awesome. However, it would have been even better if we did not already know about Captain Kirk's 5-year voyage, or all of the other Star Trek series that have been made. That is also what I do not like about this entire third series, I know that earth has to survive, because they are not stupid enough (I hope) to re-write the history of the Federation and of earth. I finally figured out that I am not watching to see if the they survive, I am watching to see how they survive. Overall, this is a great episode and I highly recommend this episode and the entire third season.moreless
  • 'Memento' with a twist

    'Memento' with a sci-fi twist, 'Twilight' manages to make an exciting example of how tried and true plots can be twisted into something new and fun. The episode was an enjoyable take on alternate realities, and thankfully didn't rely on "it was all a dream" (though i guess it's close enough). Still, it was a fun diversion from the main season story arc and a really fine episode.
  • Amazing.... just... woooow.

    Wow! Earth blowing up, the bridge of the Enterprise being destroyed (with the senior staff still in it), and the imminent destruction of the entire human race.

    They pulled no punches with this episode, and you really start to realize just what is at stake should Enterprise and crew fail their mission. If this doesn't get you into the Xindi storyline not much else will.

    Fabulous acting, incredibly well written dialog, and the special effects and space combat sequences are out of this world (lame pun I know).

    Not my favorite episode of Enterprise, nor do I consider it the best of the season but... this is what Enterprise and Star Trek is all about.moreless
  • Hands down, the best episode of Enterprise, and quite possibly the best episode of any Star Trek series to date.

    This episode was outstanding. Hands down, the best. I mean, you know the episode is going to be good nine out of ten times when it opens with Earth exploding. The storyline is awesome. The entire episode really reminds us of what is at stake here with the Xindi set to destroy Earth. They came up with a good way to show us the possible future. The limited space battle scenes were good. Also, the Xindi boarding party was very well done. When the Enterprise and Intrepid were under attack, those sequences were also very good. This episode also offered three firsts in the series, and I think one for the entire Star Trek franchise. It was the first time Enterprise explodes, the first time that Earth is destroyed, and I think the first time ever that the Bridge of the main starship of the series was individually destroyed. They also opened up the relationship with T'Pol and Archer, showing that she really does care about him. Even though he gets shot down because of Trip. And they had the line at the end where Archer says that T'Pol would make a great nurse.moreless
Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating

Lt. Malcolm Reed

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Dr. Phlox

Jolene Blalock

Jolene Blalock

Sub-Commander T'Pol

Connor Trinneer

Connor Trinneer

Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III

Linda Park

Linda Park

Ensign Hoshi Sato

Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

Ensign Travis Mayweather

Richard Anthony Crenna

Richard Anthony Crenna


Guest Star

Brett Rickaby

Brett Rickaby

Yedrin Koss

Guest Star

Duncan K. Fraser

Duncan K. Fraser

Ensign Walsh (uncredited)

Guest Star

Gary Graham

Gary Graham

Ambassador Soval

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Though erased when the timeline is restarted, T'Pol becomes Starfleet's first Vulcan captain.

    • T'Pol and Archer have settled on Ceti Alpha V, the same planet Captain Kirk strands Khan Noonien Singh after his failed takeover of the Enterprise in The Original Series.

    • As part of the alternate timeline of this episode, the completed Xindi super-weapon is shown destroying Earth.

    • Nitpick: As with many time-travel type stories, this episode creates a temporal paradox. If, when Phlox destroys the clusters of parasites, they cease to exist even in the past, it would stand to reason that Phlox should no longer have had any parasites to destroy.

    • Nitpick: The Hippocampus, which is responsible for holding short-term memories, is only capable of holding these memories for a few minutes. As such, if Archer is no longer capable of creating new long-term memories, he should only be able to remember things for a few minutes, not a few hours.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Archer: (Archer and T'Pol find out the bridge is destroyed. T'Pol calls Phlox and tells him they are going to continue the procedure) We don't have time to worry about parasites right now!
      T'Pol: That's not necessarily true; come with me, I'll explain.

    • T'Pol: In the corridor, when the anomaly hit, I urged you to leave me behind. If you had, it's likely I'd be the one suffering from this condition.
      Archer: Fortunately, I don't take orders from you.

    • Soval: If you return with me now, the High Command is prepared to reinstate your rank.
      T'Pol: I won't leave them.
      Soval: Them or him?

    • T'Pol: We located the facility where the Xindi constructed the probe, but it had already been deployed.
      Archer: Earth?
      T'Pol: Destroyed.

    • Soval: You owe the humans nothing. They chose to leave Earth before they were ready. If they'd accepted our counsel, this tragedy would've been avoided.
      T'Pol: We could've saved them.
      Soval: How?
      T'Pol: We held back their warp program for one hundred years, a policy which you supported. If we would've helped them develop faster ships, better defenses...
      Soval: Your emotional attachment to Archer is clouding your logic.

    • Phlox: How do you feel?
      Archer: Like a shuttle pod landed on my head.

    • Soval: That uniform doesn't suit you, Captain.
      T'Pol: I doubt you traveled all this way to criticize my attire.

    • Trip: What in world were you thinking when you rammed that ship?
      T'Pol: I chose the logical course of action.
      Trip: Since the captain got sick, this mission's taken one wrong turn after another.

    • T'Pol: The Xindi?
      Reed: We've taken nine prisoners, but the brig was only designed for two. I'm not sure what to do with the others.
      Trip: Blow 'em out the airlock.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was chosen as the best Enterprise episode in a Viewer's Choice poll conducted by UPN. It was re-aired April 8, 2005.

    • Jerry Fleck (one of the series' First Assistant Directors) passed away during production. Production was halted for a day as a result. An earlier episode of the season ("Extinction") is dedicated to him.


    • Battlestar Galactica

      Enterprise leading a "rag-tag" fleet after the destruction of Earth is an homage to Battlestar Galactica. Writer Mike Sussman had read a copy of the pilot script for the re-imagined series prior to writing this episode.