Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 25

Two Days and Two Nights

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2002 on UPN

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  • The trip and reed show kinda the bing crosby & bob hope of trek

    The crew finally arrive at risa
    Half the crew are given shore leave
    Archer gets a beach side condo and makes friends with a alien woman
    Hoshi meets a fellow linguist whose language she finds fascinating
    Trip and Reed however trawl the bars looking for a little action
    A fantastic comedy episode
    great double act of trip and reed strike again
    Those two "ladies" set off alarm bells right from the get go.Asking about thier wealth and such.
    The duo lie the heads off about both being captain to impress the girls.
    And then the auwful moment they shape shift into alien men and steal thier clothes.
    Well at least they didnt sleep with them.
    (Weve all been there)

    A fine light weight episode no big shakes but a bit of a laugh
  • No rest for the evil or starfleet members

    Not sure what Risa is. it is supposed to be a pleasure planet. and it seems that Hoshi is the only one ever to testify to it. all others starfleet members seem to be getting the short end of that equation. The storylines overall are not that bad, but the fractured episode trying to hold 4 small storylines are a little of a miss in the end. Hoshi's encounter could have had a little more, but was ok. the Malcolm/Trip situation seems hilarious and misses the point in the end completely. Archers predicament is actually a good opening to several more episodes and does open the chance of some very decent turns in future episodes. The part of Phlox is purely hilarious, and was a welcome part here.
  • A really exciting adventure for all

    Archer and Co. visit a pleasure planet called Risa. Hoshi goes down and instantly connects with an alien there. I belive they were both adept at linguistics. Archer gets there and meets a woman whom they share some romantic interests and moments. Archer and Hoshi definitely have a good expereince and since it was their first time will probably be very memorable for them. But Trip and malcolm on the other hand seem to have first hit the jackpot in meeting two beautiful women. Then it turns to every mans nightmare. They arent who they appear to be. Lets just say that Trip and Malcolm will probably be more careful with who they socialize next time they visist Risa. Oh and yeah it they will probably remember it for a long time. All in all a very charming and funny episode. Exactly why I love Sci-Fi shows . For its wackiness and anything that can happen will happen type of storylines. Loved this one!!
  • great episode

    The starship enterprise arrives to a planet worth exploring. A thriving alien civilization exists on the planet. Archer, Hoshi, Travis, Malcolm, and Trip go to the planet for a shore leave. There's no alien confrontation on this episode, but nevertheless, it's still a good episode. Just watching the crew of the enterprise interact with the alien race is entertaining enough. The episode didn't over do it. We get to see stuff in it, we get to see an episode where there is no war, as long as they don't do this kind of episode way too frequently, it's wouldn't be a bad episode to watch.
  • What makes a Star Trek series great is the inter-connection of the cast. This is a great example of why Enterprise was great.

    Finally reaching Risa, after several episodes of trying, Archer and the senior staff (minus T'Pol of course) head for some much needed shore leave. Trip and Malcolm, to "broaden their cultural horizons" hit the local hotspot, Archer hits his room for some relaxation, and Hoshi cruises for some interesting languages to learn. Naturally, all doesn't exactly go according to plan. Archer meets a woman with a dog, whom Porthos isn't crazy about (the dog that is), whom he eventually determines is actually Tandaran, trying to get information out of him. Being discovered, she stuns him and leaves. Trip and Malcolm meanwhile run into two attracive females that eventually rob them and tie them up. Hoshi meanwhile encounters a man with a very interesting language and ends up spending the two days with him. Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode, maybe not groundbreaking, but certainly a great moment for the crew to bond and a chance for us to see the other side of these characters