Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 25

Two Days and Two Nights

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2002 on UPN

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  • No rest for the evil or starfleet members

    Not sure what Risa is. it is supposed to be a pleasure planet. and it seems that Hoshi is the only one ever to testify to it. all others starfleet members seem to be getting the short end of that equation. The storylines overall are not that bad, but the fractured episode trying to hold 4 small storylines are a little of a miss in the end. Hoshi's encounter could have had a little more, but was ok. the Malcolm/Trip situation seems hilarious and misses the point in the end completely. Archers predicament is actually a good opening to several more episodes and does open the chance of some very decent turns in future episodes. The part of Phlox is purely hilarious, and was a welcome part here.