Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2001 on UPN

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  • A funny and interesting episode

    I liked this episode a lot. It was very funny and the Klingon scenes in the end had a lot of tension, perhaps as it involved characters we cared about but were not main characters (so we didn't know ex ante nothing serious would happen).

    My favourite episode of this series so far.
  • A unique portrayals of aliens and ...

    Being a scifi geek one thing that troubles me frequently is the way aliens are portrayed as some type of extreme human most of the time. They have the same values, the same morals, the same everything just usually taken to a more extreme. Personally I think aliens would likely have some huge differences. This episode was one of the better times I have seen aliens really represented somewhat alien. The ship was interesting and definitely different. The alien technology was different. Their perspective on life was somewhat different too. Now as for the pregnancy that was very far fetched but it did take on an interesting perspective. Trip's take on his pregnancy was fun if not developed too much but what can you do in an hour. Finally there was the encounter with the Klingons. The Klingons though are basically always portrayed as extreme warriors with a value system accordingly. But Klingons are always fun so what the heck! Very good episode with some interesting development.
  • embarrassing bad bad bad

    trip gets pregnant
    and hilarity is supposed to ensue
    Unfortunately it aint funny
    it aint life threatening
    its just annoying like the way trip feels

    The aliens are pretty alien
    the decompression chamber
    the grass on the walls
    the wierd food/drink
    Thier spooky reptile appearance
    all good and realistic

    The inclusion of a holodeck was ok as they were so much more advanced than even the vulcans

    The klingons seemed to be thrown in at the end
    just for the hell of it
    they played no real part in the plot
    it seemd it was a ratings grab
    "hey kids look its those klingons"

    Some good ideas with one woeful central plot
    laugh at it not with it
  • great episode

    Trip gets a chance to visit another alien ship that's having trouble with their power system. Trip meets with an alien crew member for just a few moments, everything seems fine, but when he returns to the Enterprise, he notices that something's growing inside of him. This episode shows something different. Instead of the interstellar conflict normally seen in a trek episode, there's a peaceful co existence with the aliens on this one. It's a good episode, I had a good time watching it. The effects of this episode is just stunning. We get to see stuff, it's a good one.
  • This episode leaves me conflicted. I like the "Enterprise" series, but find this particular story line lacking.

    This episode leaves me conflicted. I like the "Enterprise" series, but find this particular story line lacking.

    The plot appears driven by social imperative and politically correct thought. "Unexpected" explores the question of male pregnancy.

    In an episode that could have dealt with the issues of inter-species pregnancy with introspection and empathy, this plot instead turns to preachy dialog that attacks the viewer like a blunt object. "Star Trek" was always known for dealing with complex problems by placing them in subtle alien situations. This episode fall short of that tradition. This situation will be dealt with better latter in the series.

    The interaction with the aliens and the Klingons was clumsy and unfeasible.

    I like the series but would rather forget this episode.
  • Commander Tucker gets pregnant.

    Unexpected is deifinitely my #1 favorite Star Trek: Enterprise episode. I thought that it was very funny, and even several years after it has aired, it still remains my favoite Star Trek: Enterprise episode. This episode really made me laugh at times, and it also has some very memorable lines as well. Connor Trinneer performance in this episode was outstanding, and Jolene Blalock's performance was also very good. Connor and Jolene really stole the show in this episode. Episodes like Unexpected are what made Star Trek: Enterprise great and unique to the Star Trek franchise as a whole. Every time I think about the episode Unexpected, I find myself wishing that Star Trek: Enterprise hadn't been canceled.
  • One of my favorite episodes

    I just love this episode! Trip's character is really starting to develop and I can see why he will become one of the favorite characters in the series. The humour surrounding Trip's pregnacy, him trying to hide it, its development, etc. throughout the episode was also great.
    The introduction of the holodeck and the different possiblities that can occur when humans have first contact with aliens was interesting.
    The only problem I had with the episode is that this one seems to be the only time the crew, using the transport pod, needs to go through hours of decompression when transfering to another ship. They never have to do this in any other episode!
  • Unexpected This episode sets its focus on Commander Tucker. Enterprise finds a stealth ship shadowing them and drawing off their energy systems. Trip goes over to help repair the Xyrillian warp engine.


    This episode sets its focus on Commander Tucker. Enterprise finds a stealth ship shadowing them and drawing off their energy systems. Trip goes over to help repair the Xyrillian warp engine. After some problems adjusting to the Zyrillian’s atmosphere, Tucker is befriended by Ah’Len. The two play a game in holographic chamber. Ah’Len shows Tucker her homeworld in this chamber. After returning to Enterprise, Tucker finds out that he is pregnant. Enterprise then sets off to find the Xyrillian ship again. Unfortunately it is now shadowing a Klingon D7 battle cruiser. Eventually the Captain is able to keep the Klingons from killing the Xyrillians. In exchange for the Xyrillian holographic technology, the Klingon captain lets the Xyrillians go. Tucker returns to the Xyrillian ship with the Klingon and gets the fetus transferred to a Xyrillian host.

    A couple of things stand out for me. First, Ah’Len offers Tucker something she said was as close to water as they could get. Barring Silicon life, water must be on any planet on which life evolves. Water, especially Hydrogen, is a key ingredient to life as we know it. Secondly, you can clearly see the friction between Tucker and T’pol who chides him for messing around, though he did not in a literal sense. This tension between Tucker and T’pol will continue throughout the series in one form or another. In the previous episode Tucker became paranoid about T’pol. This shows his underlying distrust of Vulcans, a sentiment that was common place in this time on Earth.

    Overall, I liked this episode. It certainly went a long way in establishing Tucker’s character. I also noted the goof about the view of Enterprise next to the Xyrillian ship. It looks as if the Xyrillian ship is passing Enterprise. But it is all a matter of prospective. The camera might be moving and not the Xyrillian ship in relationship to Enterprise. Just another view on something commented by someone else.
  • Pregnant Tucker

    One of the funniest episodes of the first season. While meeting with an alien species Tucker falls pregnant. So begins a long trek to find the aliens to remove the embryo.

    This episode had a heap of funny quotes and concepts in it, and is a prime example of first contact with other species and also a really good storyline.