Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 10

Vanishing Point

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2002 on UPN

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  • Beam me up, Scotty...

    Two episodes in a row Enterprise mines previous Star Trek series for plots. This time it's the transporter accident episode.

    Hoshi, like McCoy, Pulaski and Barclay before her (well, technically after her) hates the idea of her molecules being scrambled. There's the obligatory transporter problem (in this case courtesy of a storm), and something goes wrong. Or does it? Is it just transporter psychosis?

    We've been here before, and the pace feels quite pedestrian. Enterprise produced some cracking episodes, but it was lazy episodes like these that sowed the seeds of its demise.
  • Hoshi is hallucinating...

    What a disappointing episode. A storyline that doesn't further anything about the characters or their journey is incredibly annoying and wasteful. We have a episode centred on Hoshi and her concerns about the effects of the transporter on her. But then all the characters around her act strange and she thinks she's becoming invisible. It all looks very real...and then she sees some aliens trying to blow up the ship. In the last minute we find its all a dream - a very vivid and detailed dream! What a waste of time! It looks like the writers tacked on the 'alien subplot' because they didn't have enough material to work with. Give this a miss...
  • great episode

    Hoshi, Trip and Malcolm go to a planet surface to do some scientific exploration. But their away mission gets cut short when a powerful storm builds up close to their position. Hoshi is reluctant to get back to the enterprise using the transporter, but trip convinces her that it's safe. When she gets beamed up, everything looks fine until she ends up walking through walls. She can't talk to anyone, nobody could hear her, it's like she's a ghost. It's a really exciting episode, it's truly a classic episode. The writers came up with a really cool episode, it's so good.
  • A Hoshi Adventure

    This is a crewman goes corporeal episode devoted to fleshing out more of Hoshi's character. Similar storylines have occured in other StarTrek's notably when Geordi and Ro get zapped on board a Romulan warbird.

    The basic plot line works fairly well and follows the regular pace and act structure you would expect from ST. Focusing on Hoshi's worry bring us into the story, while as you may expect the crew feed conflict into the scenes as they disregard her concerns. Only we and Hoshi, are party to the unfolding action. The way in which her conditions worsens also works quite well, building up her descent into corporeality.

    There are a few differences towards the end act, from the usual ST episode, in that the way we expect her to be saved, as per other previous episodes using this plot type, doesnt work and the twist at the end brings a real and welcome threat to proceedings, taking its score up a few notched. Unfortunately though the ending just fell flat for me and turned it into an anticlimax with little real impact on the characters and future storylines.

    At least though we get to learn more about the underappreciated Hoshi, one of my favourite and underused characters in this show.

    Worth a watch, but nothing spectacular.
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