Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 22

Vox Sola

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 01, 2002 on UPN

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  • great episode

    An alien creature appears inside the Enterprise and starts to capture the crew and restrains them in a spider web like cocoon. Hoshi becomes the savior of the enterprise when she tries to communicate with the creature. The creature might be trying to find a way to get home. This episode is creepy, it's an exciting episode. The creature added some element of suspense for the episode. With the crew almost helpless, this makes the story very engaging and suspenseful. I enjoyed watching this episode, from beginning to end, it's so riveting. The plot is so enticing that it feels like you're watching a horror movie with a trek twist. It's an excellent episode.
  • After what Trip nicknames "the shortest first contact", Captain Archer and Commander Tucker are captured by a bizarre alien lifeform.

    Not all first contacts with alien species go as smoothly as our was with Vulcans. Some in fact, go rather horribly. This episode starts out with the most problematic to date in Starfleet history. The Kreetassins had been invited onto Enterprise to take a tour. The Universal Translator hadn't been fully calibrated to interpret their language yet, so when the Kreetassins became enraged and rushed to leave the ship, needless to say, the crew was more than a little frustrated.

    But as the Kreetassin ship undocked from Enterprise, a strange web-like, tentacled alien lifeform snuck its way onto the NX-O1.

    Hoshi is the first to notice a strange, high-pitched noise filtering in through the comm system. Tensions still being high, its tabled and left for morning. Trip manages to ease his commanding officers beligerant mood with the latest Water Polo game from Earth.

    It's movie night, and nobody wants to be late. But duty calls first. A crewman is dispatched to Cargo Bay 2 to investigate and repair a damaged power relay. What he didn't expect to find was a large milky alien lifeform lurking in the shadows that grabs him, but not before he opens a comm to his friend in Engineering. She finds him, and alerts the captain moments before being grabbed herself.

    When Captain Archer arrives he, Trip, and another crewman are taken captive. Lt. Reed manages to escape, and lops off a piece of the lifeform. He quickly alerts the rest of the senior staff. T'Pol recommends attacking it with ultra violet lights, this open causes great pain to the capture officers. Next Hoshi begins trying to decipher its shrieks into a language, with little success.

    Enterprise changes course in the hopes of tracking down the Kreetassins. Meanwhile, Lt. Reed has taken it upon himself to devise a working Force Field prototype. Archer, Trip, and the other crewman are beginning to fade. The lifeform is integrating their nervous systems into its own, forming a telepathic link that Archer must use to keep his friends from falling apart and getting strangled by the lifeform.

    With nobody on the bridge except for Ensign Mayweather, when the Kreetassin's make contact with Enterprise, it's up to him to find out what this lifeform is. It turns out the Kreetassins were offended by our EATING HABITS! They find eating in front of other people in tangent with sexual exhibitionism. They demand an apology before they'll help with getting the alien off Enterprise. Travis sincerely apologizes, confessing that they had no idea the Kreetassins would be offended by the mess hall.

    Things begin coming together as T'Pol working closely with Ensign Sato successfully decipher enough of the creatures language to form the base for the U.T. to attempt translation. The Force Field prototype finally holds up, and keeps the creature at bay while Hoshi attempts communication. After several moments of silence, the U.T. locks on and they are given longitude and latitude coordinates and it releases its captives.

    The lifeform, and its tentacle are set free on its home world which it encompasses the entire surface of.

    Not many people thought much of this episode. Filler. That's what most would call it. I appreciated it much more than anyone I know. The first time we made contact with a completely non-humanoid lifeorm. The first time anyone in Starfleet ever made a working Force Field. A lot more happened than its credited for. I give this episode, and 9.0