Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 3 Episode 24

Zero Hour

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 26, 2004 on UPN

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  • Last episode of 2004 with the Enterprise traveling back to WWII.

    The only thing that bothers me is that this episode is said to have occurred February 14, 2152. The previous episode Countdown was dated as February 13, 2154. These dates according to the captain's log and acting captain's log in their respective episodes. When the dates are mixed up in science fiction time travel episodes with superb technical and special effects, it seems the editors and producers of the show would have noticed this. I had to play the episodes twice to make sure I wasn't hearing things. I was right. The dates are supposedly occurring on consecutive days, but the years are incorrect, unless they are supposed to be going backwards year-wise that is.
  • What a season-clifhanger

    This is final episoide of the season so we knew it's going to be great episoide but i didn't expect it to be as good as this. so where do i start, i think we should start with Archer plans to do what it takes to destroy the weapon, poor Hoshi having to decipher the codes when she's unwell but she did a great job.

    Attacking sphere builders, you knew this was going to be great, increase the protection to Sphere 14 but it didn't help, if last episoide was enough seeing how powerful the sphere, there weapons were quite brillant, i can't believe how powerful they were. i was impressed, they would of been good species for Enterprise and i'm glad we found out these species were in-charged.

    Adroian, man i thought we saw the last of them few weeks ago but it true now Archer owes them big time so i wonder how he will pay them back. It's strange out no-where they tracked him down, mind u they do come in useful don't they.

    So were we suppose to actually believe Archer dead, come-on as sci-fi fans knew they no-chance he would be dead but i wish i saw that clifhanger coming, Nazi Germany, so for a few minutes i saw left competely confused. i was trying to figure out how that happend. So season 4 i am not sure what to expect and seeing the Reptilians in-charge was definatly mind-blowing. i mean traveling back to early 1940's, i'm assuming that WW2 was over Nazi won according to what happend in the episoide.

    The annoying thing is i know season 4 will be last season because it got cancelled.
  • Archer and the gang try to stop the Xindi weapon from reaching Earth...

    This episode is very special. Archer, Sato and Reed have to reach the Xindi weapon - to blow it up. But the Reptilian Xindi are intent on reaching Earth - and will kill everyone in their way. Just when Archer's ship seems unable to catch the weapon, the Andorians show up to distract the Reptilian Xindi and Archer and his gang jump aboard the weapon. They disable it and Sato and Reed escape - but the captain is missing. The fight scenes between Archer and the Reptilian are great, as is the novel way how Archer makes the Reptilian leader explode! The weapon's explosion is also a feature in this episode - with Earth in the near distance.

    As if this isn't enough, T'Pol, Trip and the rest are trying to disable the Spheres. But they are interrupted by the Trans-Dimensional figures and skin-affecting diseases. As they reach the end of their ropes, their attack of the Spheres works - the Trans-Dimensional figures shimmer away and the Spheres explode one after another. Again, incredible special effects all round.

    Just when we are catching our breaths - the crew meet once again (without the captain) and they reach Earth. The look on the faces of the crew - as they look relieved and hopeful, then become confused and annoyed as Earth doesn't respond is a special moment. Just when you think that the episode could be finished on such an intriguing note - it develops further with a past-history situation with the captain still alive!!!

    Just incredible episode to finish off the Xindi storyline and Season 3. Congratulations to all involved.
  • Excellent season finale

    This episode was another example of what a shame it was that this show was cancelled. This season finale was near perfect, with all resolutions tied up, every main cast member getting sufficient screen time, plenty of action and exciting, suspensful sequences and a great story. The only thing that slightly blemishes it is the cliffhanger ending, but I guess that's how they wanted to lead into the 4th season. Really too bad there was only one season left to go.
  • I can't believe that the Xindi arc is over!

    This episode is a great end to he Xindi arc of episodes. All of the action and adventure that has been building up over the entire season culminates in an awesome season-ending cliff hanger. The past 24 episodes have been making us all wonder how earth will survive the Xindi attack. I don't know if it is a political statement or just how they chose to end this series, but Archer the I-will-do-anything mercenary to the Let's-talk-and-work-out-our-problems peacemaker. This is probably what gave Archer the negotiating skills that helps him bring the Vulcan, Andorians, and Tellarites to form the Federation. Overall, this is a great episode that makes me want to keep on watching Star Trek: Enterprise