Star Trek: New Voyages

Season 1 Episode 2

To Serve All My Days

Aired Unknown Unknown on Star Trek Phase II
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To Serve All My Days
While assigned to courier duty to the neutral planet Babel, the Enterprise runs afoul of Klingon attempts to disrupt the sector. While saving the life of a fellow crewman, Ensign Chekov receives a high-voltage shock that awakens the aging disease that nearly killed a previous landing party.moreless

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  • If this were a straight hollywood production I'd have a few jabs but I have nothing but praise for this entry.

    After only three episodes this show continues to impress me. Dorothy Fontana obviously cares about Star Trek because everyone is pretty much volunteering their time on this one. This is really the first episode that shows a technical and professional feel to it. The effects have been significantly toned down to add drama without going over the top. The Enterprise no longer does ridiculously silly movements in space. The show looks more like a forth season episode of the series and the script of course is quite good. Walter Koenig himself (and his old girlfriend from the TV series play off each other well and have some of the best moments. Checkov actually gets developed as a character and the acting holds up. Our Dr. McCoy is the only hold out. He's still trying to find the character and the lines still have a forced feel to them. Everyone else is settling in quite nicely. Because this is independent the show is a bit more daring that network television as we see an ending that is both touching and somewhat shocking. All in all, this is the show that has made a big leap forward and is setting the bar!moreless
  • For a fan produced show, I continue to be highly impressed with this production. Taking an idea Dorothy Fontana has wanted to do since the original series aired, the 'New Voyages' team brings an emotionaly charged, character driven story to vibrant life.moreless

    Sooner or later the caveat 'For a fan produced show' is going to have to be dropped from these reviews. Jim Cawley's team at 'The New Voyages' is assembling high quality work in every way.

    Yes, their pilot, 'Come What May' was a bit rough, but we all remember 'Encounter at Farpoint' as well. Matter of fact, the entire first season of ST:TNG did not show as much improvement as 'The New Voyages' has shown over the course of just three episodes.

    In the episode 'To Serve All My Days', the cast and crew explore what it is to dedicate ones life to service. With the expert help of the original Chekov, Walter Koenig, they bring to life a story in which the search for meaning in what we do is the foremost element.

    I only have three complaints about this episode. The Doctor is still just slightly off. I think perhaps the passion is missing from the character portrayal. The actor is performing the role rather than living it.

    They will need to 'explain' about Chekov in a future episode.

    I have to wait MONTHS for the next episode! =Dmoreless
Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig

Pavel Chekov (Older)

Guest Star

Mary Linda Rapelye

Mary Linda Rapelye

Ambassador Rayna Morgan

Guest Star

John Carrigan

John Carrigan


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Chekov: Doctor, I feel fine.
      McCoy: Doctor's Orders, and if you decide to disobey, remember. I can pull you in here for a complete two day medical exam. With probes! Just because.
      Chekov: I think I'll go back to my quarters. And relax.

    • DeSalle: Double bridge qualifications look good come promotion time. *wink*
      Chekov: DeSalle, what is your Phaser rank?
      DeSalle: 85.
      Chekov: 97. *wink*

  • NOTES (3)

    • The cloaking device that Kirk and Spock discuss was stolen from the Romulans in the original series episode "The Enterprise Incident".

    • Checkov (and many other people) first contracted this disease in the original series episode "The Deadly Years". McCoy explains that he relapses because of the large dose of radiation he received. The rest of the crew should be careful to avoid the same fate.

    • The crew at 'The New Voyages' are big on homages to the original series. Aside from getting Walter Koenig to reprise his role for the older Chekov, the casting of Mary Linda Rapelye as Ambassador Rayna Morgan is also a return to Star Trek for the actress. Rapelye played Irina Galliulin, an old flame of Chekov's, in the original series episode 'Way to Eden'.