Star Trek Night - Season 2

BBC Two (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Memorable Moments - Feed Me Up Scotty / Star Dates
    The final BBC Star Trek finishes with Feed Me Up Scotty taking a look at space cuisine and Star Dates and the romance and love that has featured in the franchise.
  • STAR TREK IV: The Voyage Home
    A showing of the fourth Star Trek movie in which the original crew return to Earth of 1986 to pick up a pair of humpback whales to save Earth of the 23rd Century.
  • Star Trek: Viewers' Vote Winning Episode
    Throughout the evening, viewers have been asked to call in and vote for the their favourite episode as chosen by the actors who played the captains in the first four series. The episodes on offer are:- Captain Kirk - City on the Edge of Forever (from Star Trek) Captain Picard - In Theory (from Star Trek: The Next Generation Captain Sisko - Far Beyond the Stars (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Captain Janeway - Counterpoint (from Star Trek: Voyager)moreless
  • Memorable Moments - Battlestations / Space: The Final Front Room
    Battlestations takes a look at the best shoot outs and battles in the franchise while Space: The Final Front Room takes a look at when DIY and Star Trek come together...
  • The Warp Factory
    The Warp Factory
    Episode 6
    The Warp Factory takes a look at the ideas behind everything from Phasers to Warp Core Reactors and Tricorders to Transporters and asks 'Where is there left for Star Trek to go?'.
  • STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine - Trials and Tribble-ations
    A showing of the classic season 5 episode of the spin off, featuring the DS9 crew being thrown into the past and mingling with the crew of the original series.
  • Make It So
    Make It So
    Episode 4
    Make It So takes a guided tour through the production process of making the Star Trek franchise. The documentary features everything from photon torpedos, rubber aliens and the 24th century version of the bra.
  • Memorable Moments - Never Wear Red / The Convention
    In these two short films, Never Wear Red shows you that wearing red is not a great idea in the Star Trek universe and The Convention follows fans on a day trip out.
  • From Enterprise to Franchise
    From Enterprise to Franchise traces the history of the Star Trek franchise covering all of the TV series and movies. Features interviews with actors and producers such as Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart and Bob Justman.
  • Star Trek Night Introduction
    Jonathan Ross hosts a night of programming dedicated to the sci-fi franchise giving a preview of what to expect for the evening including the chance to vote for the Captain's favourite episode to be featured later in the evening.