Star Trek: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 1

Beyond the Farthest Star

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 08, 1973 on NBC



  • Notes

    • Editor's note: Most official sources claim this was aired 14th, on 12/22/1973. However, I saw this episode on 9/8/1973 and the most comprehensive site I can find, Curt Danhauser's Guide confirms this. And note that Alan Dean Foster novelized BtFS first, Yesteryear second, and One of Our Planets is Missing (the second episode in "official" air order) third. All contained within Star Trek Log One. So this episode reflects the accurate airing of episodes, despite what most other sources say. According to one contributor, Jmodene, the episode did not air in the primary Los Angeles market because George Takei was running for City Councilman and his opponents demanded equal time if this episode aired, so it wasn't aired there. However, such a localized pre-emption, even when the locality is Los Angeles, should not cause such a widespread error. Furthermore, in the East NBC aired live sports coverage shortly after their "kidvid" block, which would not have been subject to the standard three-hour delay in the West as the children's line-up would have been, causing its later programs to be pre-empted on all Pacific time zone affiliates.

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