Star Trek: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 5

More Tribbles, More Troubles

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 06, 1973 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The tribbles in this episode are pink. (The goof resulted from the fact that director Hal Sutherland is color blind and was unaware of the color change).

    • Late in the episode Koloth explains that they need to recover the glommer to avoid an ecological disaster. But this doesn't match with his earlier actions, where he deliberately and repeatedly tries to destroy Jones' scout ship. If it wasn't for Kirk, Koloth would have destroyed the very thing he was told to retrieve.

    • Both grain ships have the same registration number, NCC 61465. Registration numbers are supposedly unique; each grain ship should have its own.

    • Just after Kirk in covered in a pile of tribbles, Scotty hands him another one. Between the shot of Scotty's face and the shot of his arm with Kirk, his rank changes from Commander (2 full braids) to Lt. Commander (1 full and 1 dashed braid).

    • When McCoy brings a tribble to the bridge, his rank insignia shows one full and one dashed braid for Lt. Commander. However in all other shots he has two full braids for Commander.

    • In a shot where Cyrano stands on the bridge, the doors of the turbo elevator are drawn off-center to the right.

    • In one scene Koloth is actually on the bridge of the Enterprise when Kirk is talking to him on his ship, instead of on the viewscreen.

  • Quotes

    • Koloth: (on the viewscreen) It won't work, Captain Kirk. (cuts out)
      Kirk: It will work. Or he'd still be gloating.

    • Spock: But apparently, it also immobilizes the attacking ship's abilities at the same time.
      Scotty: Aye, and if that's true, then it's a weapon that leaves them as helpless as it does us.
      Spock: I believe I just said that, Mr. Scott.

    • Kirk: Sherman's Planet needs that grain desperately.
      Scotty: Aye, sir, but we've got tribbles on the ship, quintotriticale in the corridors, Klingons in the quadrant. It can ruin your whole day, sir.

    • Kirk: Well, Mr. Spock, do you have any ideas?
      Spock: We could always throw tribbles at them.
      Kirk: I thought Vulcans didn't have a sense of humor.
      Spock: We don't, Captain.

    • Spock: Aren't you going to sit down, sir?
      Kirk: (studying the giant tribble in his chair) I think... I'll stand.

    • Korax: (after blasting a super tribble, burying Koloth in little tribbles) Any other orders, sir?
      Koloth: Yes. Don't do that again. Ever.

    • Kirk: Your tribbles are all over my ship. My security men can't find them all.
      Jones: You need better security men, Captain!

    • Jones: Captain, these are safe tribbles.
      McCoy: There is no such thing as a safe tribble.
      Spock: A safe tribble would be a contradiction in terms. Tribbles are well known for their proclivities in multiplication.
      Jones: And they breed fast, too!

    • Cyrano Jones: Under space salvage laws, (the Glommer's) mine!
      Scotty: A planetary surface isn't covered under space salvage laws. But, if you want the little beastie that bad, Mr. Jones, we'll transport you over with it.
      Cyrano Jones: I withdraw my claim!

    • Scotty: But you've got to admit, if we've got to have tribbles, it's best if all our tribbles are little ones.

  • Notes

    • This episode was also released as a bonus feature the DVD Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 2 Remastered along The Original Series episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" and the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" (all of which are located on Disc 5).

    • Majel Barrett is credited but doesn't lend her voice talents to the episode.

    • David Gerrold converted this episode from a script he wrote for a third-season Original Trek episode that he never got a chance to produce.

    • David Gerrold penned the original "The Trouble With Tribbles," as well as "The Cloudminders." He is also credited with "I, Mudd" and will do the later animated episode "Bem."

    • Many references to the preceding episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles": quinto-triticale, station K-7, Koloth, Korax, and Cyrano, Scotty's last line (see Quotes), and Kirk dealing with a tribble on his command chair and being buried in tribbles.

    • Stanley Adams reprises his role as Cyrano Jones from the original series.

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