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  • To boldly go where no animated series has gone before!

    During the early 1970's, there were no live-action shows that had been cancelled and then resurrected as an animated series! Thus, ST:TAS broke new ground as had its predecessor!

    Rather than describe the show, I would like to share a few personal experiences I've had regarding it, all of which occurred after TAS had been cancelled:

    1) A *long* time ago, sci-fi writer and ST contributor, David Gerrold, visited a library near my then-home on Long Island, NY. On an old movie projector, the audience of about 50 people watched one of the animated episodes that he had written. I forgot which one it was, but, before he showed it, he told us to watch for various continuity/editing issues. Sure enough, there were three (that *I* counted!) such errors, such as Capt Kirk calling McCoy on the intercom, and then, as if by magic, the good Dr was standing beside him! This taught me to watch for other such errors in virtually every medium! I became a better viewer because of it!

    2) Also on Long Island (and also many years ago!), my brother and I went to the Vanderbilt Planetarium to watch one of their shows. As it happened, there were only about 30 audience members in attendance at the last show for that weekend evening; the show itself was nothing to write home about. However, at the end of the program, the caretaker (?) said that since there were so few of us, would we mind hanging around for a 10-minute "outtakes" reel that the staff had been compiling over the years? Naturally, we all jumped at the chance! (keep in mind, this happened before the advent of VCR's, microwave ovens, PC's, etc; so, any new entertainment was to be savored!) Most of the "outtakes" were snippets from shows that, for one reason or another, fell on the cutting-room floor. One snippet in particular was very apropos of the surroundings, as we got to see the animated Kirk and Spock beam down and join us! We also got to view Saturn through the planetarium's telescope during the crystal clear summer night! Science fiction and fact all in the space of three hours! What a treat!

    3) In Massachusetts, where I lived for a few years (again, MANY moons ago!), there was a ST:TAS "revival" of sorts in Boston, where each night for a week, they showed a group of the animated episodes for a very reasonable fee (I think it was $2.00, at a time when movies were $5.00). During the showing of "Mudd's Passion", where the characters become enamored with each other due to the influence of Mudd's "love crystals". At one point, Kirk and Spock put their arms around the other expressing their admiration, if not affection, for each other. Suddenly, there was an outburst from the audience, as some guy broke out in hysterics. Yes, there are those of us who cannot accept a simple act of friendship for what it is, and have to contort it to their boorish notions of "morality", but couldn't he have controlled himself? I mean, what did he think he was going to see? It's a cartoon, for goodness sake! Grow up!

    Anyway, it's amazing how a simple cartoon can affect you, even long after it had been taken off the air!
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