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  • How did one get a Star Trek fix after the original show was cancelled and you had seen all the reruns in syndication a million times? You watched the animated version!

    Saturday mornings at 10:00 am on NBC 1973 - 1974. That's when and where this show appeared. And at the time being in junior high, I was right there watching this, and the show's theme music still resonates in my head as a fitting nod to the original's theme. I remember hoping that the show would capture the same spirit as the original live action series. And with almost all of the original cast returning to do the voices, as well as many of the original writers returning to contribute stories, it did indeed capture the spririt, albeit as much as it could given its mere 22 minute running time in a 1/2 hour timeslot. Some of the stories were a bit uneven and rushed, but the strict running times forced some compromises, and it was miraculous that episode after episode, a short story was made even shorter, to use for this series. Still, it was great to see some sequel nods to the original series including more about the tribbles, Harry Mudd, and even the Guardian of Forever. The show also dared to tread on ground that the original could not (e.g., McCoy's backstory or a revamped rec deck that looks and works eerily like the TNG holodeck or even the younger and older versions of the legendary Captain Robert April, a Roddenberry nod to the fans). It's a shame that despite originally being given a shoestring budget, even that was taken away, essentially ending the show at 22 episodes. It aired during the traditional children's cartoon time, yet had nothing cartoon or childish about it (other than the young Spock in Yesteryear). Interestingly, the children's hours were often sprinkled with animated shows that were really more geared to young adults or adults (e.g., Fantastic Voyage or Jonny Quest). But because of the animation, they were never considered for primetime (an aberration from past practices when shows like The Jetsons or The Flintstones were on at primetime or from the current, when shows like Family Guy or The Simpsons grace primetime).

    Still, its legacy lived on, and thanks to Nickeodeon in the mid-'80s & Sci Fi Channel just after, the show got a re-aring allowing a new generation who had never known that the show even existed, to experience it. I even managed to tape them all at that time and it was great to see them all again after the show had been off the air for well over 10 years.

    Kudos that finally, after alot of hassle and endless delays (some of it rights-related), the DVD set of this series is here, closing out the final chapter of ALL 6 Star Trek series available on DVD. It has been a saga to get to this point and I will probably get it, if anything to hear some of the commentary that might be included.
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