Star Trek: The Animated Series

NBC (ended 1974)





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  • The Best Animated Show Of It's Time.

    Star Trek: The Animated Series has got to be some of the best Star Trek ever. Most of the stories were outstanding and the animation was great for it’s time. I think that most people did not give the animated series a chance. I just loved the Counter-Clock Incident where everyone on the ship grows younger. Another one of my favorites is The Time Trap; this story gives us the Delta Triangle, the galaxy’s version of the Bermuda Triangle. The crews are sucked into the Delta Triangle along with a Klingon ship and have to work together to get out. These are just a couple of examples of the great stories that the animated series put out. Another thing is that even though they had a small budget to get the show done they could provide us the viewer with more aliens and more alien crewmembers then ever before. Examples of this are Lt. Arex, the Mayan god Kukulkan, and the god and satyr-like creatures of Megus-Tu. To bring all this to a close in my opinion this is just a great show.