Star Trek: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 16

The Jihad

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 12, 1974 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The perspective was very poor in the temple. When they get inside, we see the sculptured indurite floating, and Sord says, "Pretty bauble. How do we reach it?" From the angles, it looks as if all they have to do is walk across the floor and take it. Even when they scramble up on the ledge, it does not look very far off the ground, but Kirk suddenly makes the comment that it is "a thousand feet up."

    • The volcano sequence doesn't make much sense. The vehicle grinds to a halt and the lava is flowing just behind them. Then they go to divert the lava, which is apparently now several minutes behind them. Then after they get going the lava is again a few feet behind them, but Spock falls out and Kirk goes to get him and the lava is nowhere to be seen.

    • Kirk and Spock don't wear force field belts (see entry under Notes for "Beyond the Farthest Star") on the asteroid; but when inside the temple and Kirk walks to the wall, he suddenly has one on for a few moments.

    • So, was Tchar on the other three teams before, or what? Presumably there were other war-desiring Skorr that accompanied those teams and arranged for their destruction as well at the cost of their own lives, but this isn't very clear and Tchar appears to be a very important Skorr - why wasn't he on one of the other missions?

    • When was the summoning device mentioned? We apparently hear all of the briefing that the Vedala give Kirk and his team. But in the fortress Kirk suddenly says, "Hit the activation signal" even though it hasn't been mentioned before.

  • Quotes

    • Em/3/Green: I was sentenced to this mad expedition. My people are cautious, what you would call cowards.

    • Sord: I like this place. It's got variety!

    • Em/3/Green: We'll all die here!
      Spock: A statistical probability.
      Lara: You ever quote anything beside statistics, Vulcan?
      Spock: Yes. But philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here.

    • Lara: Vulcans. Never liked them much myself. Cold-blooded critters, all of them.
      Kirk: I wouldn't say that. Mr. Spock is a... unique personality.
      Lara: But not human, like you and me. Maybe you got different customers. My world there's a lot of females, not so many men. Come we find a man attractive, we say so. I'm saying so. How do you find me?
      Kirk: Fascinating. But we're not here on a pleasure trip, Lara.
      Lara: All the more reason to take what pleasure there might be in it. (laughs)

    • Lara: Close
      Spock: Far too close, Captain. I appreciate your action on my behalf, but your first duty is to the group and the mission.
      Kirk: Quite right, Spock. And that responsibility includes not losing the best science officer in Starfleet.
      Sord: You two going to argue honors or are we going to get on with it?

    • Kirk: That's it. End of a long hard journey.
      Lara: We still have to go back, James. I'd tell you true, I find you an attractive man. If we were...together, the trip'd be easier. And if anything happened, why... we'd have some green memories.
      Kirk: I already have... a lot of green memories.

    • Vedala: We cannot reward you. For the good of the Skorr, this must be forever secret. You have only our thanks.
      Sord: Got nowhere to keep a medal, anyway.

  • Notes

    • DeForest Kelley and Nichelle Nichols are credited but doesn't appear. Majel is credited but does not appear as Chapel/M'Ress. Doohan is credited and Scotty is seen but has no dialogue.

    • Sord may or may not be a Gorn (from the original Trek episode "Arena"). There are some similarities so he could be from a related race or sub-division (he does have a tail, which the single Gorn we saw lack). We haven't seen anything before or since of the Skorr or Em/3/Green's race. Lara appears to be a human variant but we've never since seen a race with trifurcated eyebrows like hers.

    • This is the first and last time we hear of the intriguing felinoid Vedala, a race so powerful and well-known that even the Federation comes running when they call.

    • This very un-Star Trek episode seems more like a Mission: Impossible episode. Perhaps not so coincidentally, author Stephen Kandel wrote for the last season of the original Mission: Impossible and went on to write for the series when it was revived in 1988.

    • The one and only episode in the animated series that gives us a bit of Kirk the womanizer, as he and the huntress Lara exchange a few romantic pleasantries. Nothing comes of it.

    • David Gerrold (Em/3/Green) is the author of the original episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" as well as the animated episode "More Tribbles More Troubles." According to interviews he convinced the producers to let him take on a voice role so he could get his SAG card.

  • Allusions

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