Star Trek: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 1

The Pirates of Orion

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 07, 1974 on NBC

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  • The Orions have stolen the cure that Spock needs or he will die

    This episode scores lower than I would usually rate just because it took a long time for the real story to get going. Once again, don't get me wrong, I thought the episode was good, but it did have a few slow parts that were a little dull. It is interesting to see what the Orion pirates looked like on this series compared to when we see the Orions again in later series. I would have thought they would have been more greener than they are on this episode, but that didn't hurt the story at all. An average episode that would have been better if the story was faster paced.
  • While Spock lies ill, Orion pirates hijack the drug shipment desperately needed to save his life.

    Howard Weinstein was just 19 when he wrote this script, making him the youngest writer in the history of Star Trek. (He went on to write several Star Trek novels.) He did an okay job, incorporating the seldom used Orion race into the story, which is a nice change of pace from the usual black-hats, the Klingons. Unfortunately, after the alien race of Orions was established as being pronounced "the oh-Ryans" in the original series, in this episode the race is pronounced "the Ore-ee-Ons." So unless the viewer has the subtitles on, the tie-in to the original series isn't evident. Aside from that, the episode is fine, though nothing special.