Star Trek: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 12

The Time Trap

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 24, 1973 on NBC

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  • The Enteprise and the Klingon Ship the Klothos are sent to an alternate universe populated by a variety of species who have pledge never to fight and would punish those who do

    What makes this episode so interesting is that we see the return of Kor, the Klingon from the original series episode "Errand of Mercy". Unfortunately, he is voiced by James Doohan and not the actor who portrayed him in the television episode. To make matters worse, the he doesn't really look much like Kor. And another flaw is that this story is very similar to the Trek episode "Errand of Mercy" since once again they are not allowed to fight each other. With all of these flaws, it does have some good points. One of them being that they brought back my favorite Klingon Kor! Another being that the Klothos in this episode is mentioned in an episode of DS9. Overall, a good episode that would have been better if it wasn't so familiar.
  • The Enterprise is trapped in the intergalactic equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle and must work with the Klingons to escape.

    The idea of the Enterprise being trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of space is a weak concept, but there are plenty of interesting bits to keep the episode… well, interesting. As the momentum builds, it's fun to see the different factions – the Enterprise crew, the Klingon crew, and the other aliens, all working with and against each other in different ways. It's like watching a juggler with a lot of balls in the air and wondering where they're going to land. And even if you can guess how everything is going to turn out, the setup is so good, it's still fun to see the end unfold.