Star Trek: The Animated Series

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  • Season 1 Episode 9: Once Upon a Planet

  • When Spock and Kirk enter the master computer room, there is a wall behind them about 5'-10' away and no robots. The camera cuts away to the master computer for a second or two, then cuts back to Kirk and Spock and now three robots have appeared between them and the wall. In the next longer shot, the two men are standing in the middle of the room, the robots are behind them, but there's no sign of the wall.

  • When Uhura is singing by the lake, her reflection in the water doesn't show her uniform rank on her sleeves.

  • Towards the end of the episode, we see the crew use seat belts. During the original era the Enterprise never before (or since) had seat belts on chairs.

  • Sulu is shown erroneously sitting on the bridge while he was actually imperiled on the planet's surface.

  • On the bridge, McCoy's tricorder strap briefly disappears and reappears.

  • The hangar doors open to the side in this episode, as opposed to from the center like a clam as seen on the original series and later in "Albatross."

  • Several crew wearing red uniforms have the science (blue uniform) insignia on them.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Mudd's Passion

  • When Chapel "accidentally" falls into Spock's lap, her collar flickers briefly from black and then reverts to its normal blue.

  • Kirk forces Harry to give him his last two crystals, but when he throws them into the creature's mouth, there are considerably more. But when they're seen going into its mouth, there are two again.

  • Spock's insignia appears on the wrong side in one shot as Kirk approaches the rock creature. In the next shot where Spock is in the same position, his insignia is back to the correct side.

  • During the fight between the two rock monsters, there is a short shot that shows Nurse Chapel, Harry Mudd, Spock, and a unknown red shirted crewman instead of Captain kirk, who should be present.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: The Terratin Incident

  • After becoming smaller, Lieutenant Arex mentions that his eyes no longer reach his station's opticals, but the navigator station has no opticals.

  • If the space between the atoms is reduced but the weight of the shrunken objects remain the same, the crew would soon find it hard to move under their own weight. To say nothing of what would happen to the ship to beam aboard an entire city of perhaps diminutive size but gargantuan weight.

  • The crew somewhat confusingly alternates between using metric measurements ("1 centimeter high") and imperial ("we are going down to 1/16th of an inch high").

  • Spock notes that the coral in the aquarium is shrinking along with them. However, as he states that, the shot shows the coral coming up to his neck. The aquarium was not large enough to hold coral that big in previous shots.

  • When Chapel recovers the miniature laser, it is a solid disk. It is still a solid disk when she walks along the shelf and trips. However, when she falls into the aquarium, it is a torus. When she gets out of the aquarium, it is solid but with an inscribed circular line in the center.

  • In one shot the elevator doors are light gray rather than their usual color.

  • Just after discussion how DNA is another substance that contracts, Spock turns away to do his calculations and his badge is gone, then flickers back in as he completes his turn.

  • Just as he prepares to beam down, Kirk describes the spiroid rays as "lethal," but there's no indication that they are, before or after.

  • It's stated that the bridge crew are beamed away. However, Nurse Chapel is one of the people taken, and she's not bridge crew and given the number of ship's emergency medical situations, is unlikely to have been on the bridge. Also, there are several other people seen on the bridge later who aren't taken as part of the "bridge crew."

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