Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1988 on CBS

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  • Ryker and Picard kick ass

    Some very good points in this episode. Another holodeck encounter - at least a subplot, namely Rykers Minute lounge spectator.

    Ryker gets shown up by the holographic band! :D

    Picard and Ryker kick alien ass on their own - albeit too briefly.

    Data fecks up big time! :D

    The aliens play a big part in the plot and extend you to sympathise with their plight. I just thought that we should have at least got to see a portion of their homeworld when it was resuced! At least they got better at it later on.

    Lastly, probably the most impressive part of this episode is that we get to see a starbase up close and personal. For me, its a big thing when we see parts of the Federation in more detail.

    A very, very good episode.
  • While the Enterprise undergoes repairs at a starbase, an alien race attempts to steal the Enterprise.

    This uniquely titled episode (binary for 201) is in some ways the prototype for future, more effective episodes featuring the Enterprise undergoing repairs (most notable "Starship Mine") and isn't bad itself. The pace is slow, and the holodeck scenes drag a bit. However, the Riker/Picard chemistry finally begins to click here and this must be something the writers took note of, since this chemistry would become a bigger part of the show in the future. "11001001" can basically be summed up as "Star Trek takes some chances, sees some of those chances pay off, and learns from the experience." As a fan, it's a good, solid episode. For the show's development, it's even more important.
  • Falls short in some areas but is an overall good Star Trek: The Next Generation experience....

    First season episode "11001001" (makes me think of the Rush song "1001001") has a couple of key ingredients that other episodes in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation lack: suspense and intrigue. Still, it does not have enough to be considered one of the greats of The Next Generation.

    The Enterprise docks at Starbase 74 for your standard Trek updates and repairs (reminding everyone of the scenes in the early Trek films were the original Enterprise docks at space stations), a task to be completed by the Bynars, a race of beings that are very technologically advanced (to the point where they basically speak in binary code) and work in unified pairs. The crew is looking forward to this time off - none other than Riker, who cannot wait to spend some time in the holodeck. But, naturally, the crew does not get to relax much during their time off as the Bynars work a little too hard and a little too secretly on the Enterprise.

    Unfortunately, the episode's featured alien race, the Bynars, look, sound, and act absolutely ridiculous and are nearly impossible to care about. Also, the misguided mysticism with the holodeck bugs me. Now, maybe this is because I'm coming into the first season of The Next Generation having seen many post-first season episodes where the crew is familiar with the holodeck, but can the crew really be *that amazed* by the thing?

    The episode is quite good overall - the film drags heavily when Riker is in the holodeck but the mystery of the stupid-looking Bynars, the odd things that happens with the Enterprise, and Picard & Riker's scenes at the film's final act are enough to make "11001001" a good episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • A solid episode, with some fun moments and good writing, but a little too slow-paced and with an underwhelming resolution. One of 10 or so from the first season that are worth watching.

    This episode opens with an absolutely beautiful, beautiful shot of the Enterprise flying over a planet into a starbase. A very auspicious start.

    When watching this episode, I was surprised by the unexpectedly good writing -- not a season 1 strength. Riker runs into Tasha and Worf, and the latter delivers one of his funniest lines ever (something about annihilating the competition in a friendly game); and the encounter with Data and Geordi ("a blind man teaching an android how to paint") is excellent as well.

    Once Riker heads into the holodeck -- well, I liked this sequence, though it was a little too slow-paced and drawn out. And this was the first episode to feature the Picard and Riker tag-team, as they plot to regain control of the ship after it is commandeered by the Bynars. It's a lot of fun to watch. (And it's pretty clear that the writers wanted to contrast the duo of human individuals against the Bynar "duos".)

    That said, the payoff is a bit disappointing. Given that we've already seen the Bynars, who are maybe a bit suspicious but hardly threatening or ominous, the underwhelming ending is not surprising. Any climax where the main characters save the day while calmly sitting at computer screens for 3 minutes is going to be a letdown.
  • Quite probably the best episode of the series to this point and a definite first season highlight

    Now this is more like it. '11001001' is a clear highlight of the first season, a simple but neat premise that is, for the most part, well-executed. The first half of the episode starts off quietly, with the crew enjoying some R&R time while the ship docks at starbase and undergoes some maintenance, with the help of the mysterious Bynars (one of the better alien creations of the series).

    Truth be told, I could have done without the rather painful scenes of Riker sleazing over Minuet and I found the implications that he is actually considering having a relationship with her quite disturbing. Making a character have romantic feelings for a holodeck character (didn't they do that with Janeway in Voyager at one point?) only makes them look stupid. Poor old Barclay got a terrible rap for his holodeck fantasies, but isn't Riker just as bad here?

    Anyway, it's a small nit-pick in an otherwise excellent episode. The pace picks up considerably at the half-way point and becomes a tense and intriguing battle to reclaim the ship and uncover what the Bynars are actually doing. Plenty of action, suspense and some nice character moments (the Riker holodeck fiasco notwithstanding) mark this as a shining jewel amid the show's first season and positive indicator of things to come.
  • This is a clever episode. The "bynars" even bluffed data. They end up stealing the ship but Picard and Riker save the day.

    This is a episode worth watching it kind of reminds me of a simular episode in where the "Enterprise" is being stripped of is parts while it is getting ionic cleaning. In this episode we meet a race call "bynars" who are totally base thier race on computers. The "bynars" steal the ship after a containment clamp on the antimatter chamber weakens forcing data to order "abandon ship". But Riker and Picard save the day. Watch This episode. It deserve 5 stars.
  • "Too real is too right."

    The crew docks the Enterprise at Starbase 74, where they Bynars will upgrade their computer systems. While Picard and Riker are swept away by the upgraded holodeck simulation's beautiful Minuet, the crew is fooled that the Enterprise is having malfunctions in engineering and Data orders everyone to evacuate the ship. By the time everyone is off the Enterprise except Picard and Riker, the crew realizes that they are still inside. The Enterprise is then hijacked by the Bynars.

    An enjoyable holodeck episode, simple. You'll either love it or hate it, however I love it so I'll recommended.

    I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars. (8.0 on
  • Picard and Riker save the ship, and Riker almost gets a date with a woman programmed to like and seduce him. Oh, and there's a race of computer people who kind of almost die.

    All in all, this episode was rather pointless. We must ask why the Enterprise needs so many upgrades after being commissioned for less than a year. First Kosinski, now Binars.

    And Riker chats up a holodeck woman. Has no one considered what holodecks can be used for? What if Riker's and Minuet's relationship had taken off the ground. Wouldn't that be a break with reality, much like Barclay's?

    The only truly interesting parts of the episode come when:

    1. Data feels remorse about unintentionally leaving Picard and Riker. He even thinks of staying on the bridge full-time.

    2. Picard and Riker work together to solve the problem. They act decisively and within protocol. It was fun to watch them solve the problem

    Other than that, skip this episode.
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