Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Fistful Of Datas

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1992 on CBS

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  • Data uses contractions

    Overall I enjoyed the episode, but how is it that Data is able to use contractions when speaking with the "Ancient West" accent?

    On a more important note, Marina Sirtis looked amazing in her Old West outfit!
  • good episode, just don't dig to deep in the obvious mistakes

    Seriously, how is it every time they show just the main characters (out of a crew of 1,000) going into the holodeck. the "safety-switch" is somehow disabled. COME ON! That's like having a flight simulator hanging 100 feet in the air that might drop if someone hits the wrong switch. Why the HELL would Starfleet even have a "safety" switch, just make the holodeck UNABLE to cause real harm. DUH! I know, I know, they need that to make the episode more suspenseful, its just ridiculous to think they would ever have that built in like that. People on the ship and the other ships would be getting killed a lot looking at the statistics on how often it happens. Still, its a fun episode, but not how it would really be in the Star Trek universe.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Klingon

    This offbeat Worf episode (which serves as a vehicle for Brent Spiner to flex his acting muscles) is a fan favorite, thanks to everyone clearly having a great time paying homage to the great Westerns. (Personally, I would have stuck with the episode's original title: "The Good, the Bad and the Klingon.") The plot allows the cast and crew to film outside in a back lot for a change, and director Patrick Stewart makes the most of the opportunity. And while the episode is another "malfunctioning holodeck story", most fans give it a pass, because it's so darn entertaining. (DS9 would even go on to reinvent the premise and improve upon it with their fourth season episode, "Our Man Bashir".)
  • The “Enterprise” crew gets to experience some free time. Picard is in his quarters practicing his music. He keeps getting interrupted. First he is interrupted by Data and LaForge.

    The “Enterprise” crew gets to experience some free time. Picard is in his quarters practicing his music. He keeps getting interrupted. First he is interrupted by Data and LaForge. They want permission to run tests on an interface that would allow Data to control ship functions in case a computer failure arrives. Next he is interrupted by Dr. Krusher. Then by Lt. Worf, who is all work and no play. Picard suggests he uses the free time to relax. Data experiences a power surge while attach to the computer interface causing a ship full of Data’s personalities.
  • Exactly the kind of quality one should expect from a great series!

    This episode reminds us that "The Great Bird of the Galaxy" himself, Gene Roddenberry called Star Trek the "Wagon Train to the Stars". Sure, the wagons got a bit more spiffy, and the distances grew, but at heart, Star Trek is just a fancy cowboy story. Everything about this episode reminds us of those great spaghetti Westerns from the 60's that had a huge impact on Gene Roddenberry, and his vision of the future. And the highlight of the episode isn't just one moment, but dozens, as Brent Spiner shows off his wide range of acting talents. From the costumes to the accents, it's a real spectacle, and a joy to watch!
  • When Data and LaForge try an experiment interfacing Data with the ship's systems, malfunctions begin to occur in several areas, including the holodeck. Unfortunately, Worf, Alexander, and Troi are in the middle of an Ancient West story that turns deadly.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of TNG. Anything that gives Brent Spiner a chance to show off his acting chops is a good thing. I know it's another holo-deck-malfunctions-story but it's a lot of fun. Michael Dorn seems to enjoy his role as well, and Marina Sirtis gets to be a gun-slinger; lots of fun seeing her in something totally different. Then you have the Enterprise riding off into the sunset, a perfect ending to a really great episode. I gave it a 10, and kudos to Brent Spiner who does a great job playing several different characters.
  • The Magificent Two and a Half. Ye-haw!

    A quinticential holodeck episode, with a quinticential western setting. The episode is driven by Alexanders desire to spend quality time with his father playing the roles of two law-persons in the old wild west of 'ancient' Earth.

    What starts out as a chore for Worf, becomes surprising enjoyable for the Klingon as the violence aspect of the program kicks in. The essential portion of plot has Worf play the sheriff after a wanted man, in the saloon. The man happens to be the son of the most powerful, rich man in the county. Troi joins the fun when the program gets a little harder, when Alexander ups the challenge to his dad.

    Queue Data's malfunctioning interface with central computer causes holograms of him to take over key characters in the holo program, one by one - until his persona inhabits all the programs holodecks posing real problems with his superior abilities. This threat is increases when the holo safety controls are deactivated and Worf is shot.

    A well concieved story, well-paced action that starts of with a low threat and gradually increases in severity. With three of my fav characters. Whats not to like?! The Earth fantasy setting makes a nice change from the blackness of space and the matt colours of the Enterprise interior.

    You will find this episode great fun if you love the setting and the established plot pattern of the WW and the malfunctioning program. I loved them both so.... Add to that Worf, Alexander and Troi as the main antaganists and this just doesnt get any better. So mount your stead, spur your horse, gallop on in to town blasting ya six-shooter all over the place. Pure fantasy and no real consequences. Ye-haw!
  • Wild wild west.

    Despite being a story about Worf and Alexander's trip to the holodeck, this is really a tour de force for Brent Spiner, who showcases his versatility in playing multiple villains. It's tough not to chuckle at his over-the-top performance(s).

    The rest of the story - well, I don't think it reaches its full potential (compare it to the excellent DS9 Bond parody, "Bashir, Julian Bashir"). Troi is a mediocre "mysterious stranger" and Alexander is a mediocre deputy. That leaves Worf (and Data) to carry the story, and they do a good job. The gag with Barclay's prostitute is worth noting.

    There are a few other great jokes worth noting - Picard's claim that "I'm really not much of an actor!" and the return of "Ode to Spot".
  • This is one of my favorite episodes!

    spoilers ahead...

    Warf finally spends time with his son Alexander in the hollodeck!They go into a western program where shortly later Troy joins them the hollodeck malfunctions and the safeguards get turned off.Warf gets shot by a cowboy he made "friends with".When the cowboys get Data's reflexes,abbilities,and appearance they don't know what to do.When a cowboy captures AlexanderWarf gets in a gunfight with the cowboy.Even with Data's reflexes the cowboy gets shot and warf gets his son back.The only way to get out of the hollodeck is to finish the program.So warf goes home to his dissapointed wife.I left some important parts out so I don't spoil the whole episode!
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