Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Fistful Of Datas

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1992 on CBS

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  • When Data and LaForge try an experiment interfacing Data with the ship's systems, malfunctions begin to occur in several areas, including the holodeck. Unfortunately, Worf, Alexander, and Troi are in the middle of an Ancient West story that turns deadly.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of TNG. Anything that gives Brent Spiner a chance to show off his acting chops is a good thing. I know it's another holo-deck-malfunctions-story but it's a lot of fun. Michael Dorn seems to enjoy his role as well, and Marina Sirtis gets to be a gun-slinger; lots of fun seeing her in something totally different. Then you have the Enterprise riding off into the sunset, a perfect ending to a really great episode. I gave it a 10, and kudos to Brent Spiner who does a great job playing several different characters.