Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Fistful Of Datas

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1992 on CBS

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  • The Magificent Two and a Half. Ye-haw!

    A quinticential holodeck episode, with a quinticential western setting. The episode is driven by Alexanders desire to spend quality time with his father playing the roles of two law-persons in the old wild west of 'ancient' Earth.

    What starts out as a chore for Worf, becomes surprising enjoyable for the Klingon as the violence aspect of the program kicks in. The essential portion of plot has Worf play the sheriff after a wanted man, in the saloon. The man happens to be the son of the most powerful, rich man in the county. Troi joins the fun when the program gets a little harder, when Alexander ups the challenge to his dad.

    Queue Data's malfunctioning interface with central computer causes holograms of him to take over key characters in the holo program, one by one - until his persona inhabits all the programs holodecks posing real problems with his superior abilities. This threat is increases when the holo safety controls are deactivated and Worf is shot.

    A well concieved story, well-paced action that starts of with a low threat and gradually increases in severity. With three of my fav characters. Whats not to like?! The Earth fantasy setting makes a nice change from the blackness of space and the matt colours of the Enterprise interior.

    You will find this episode great fun if you love the setting and the established plot pattern of the WW and the malfunctioning program. I loved them both so.... Add to that Worf, Alexander and Troi as the main antaganists and this just doesnt get any better. So mount your stead, spur your horse, gallop on in to town blasting ya six-shooter all over the place. Pure fantasy and no real consequences. Ye-haw!