Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 8

A Fistful Of Datas

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1992 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Picard is seen playing the Ressikian flute he received in "The Inner Light."

    • Trivia: By the 24th century, the "Old West" of our time has become the "Ancient West."

    • Near the beginning of the episode when Worf hands Picard the padd in the Captain's quarters, Picard holds it in his hand with the screen on top and buttons on the bottom. In the next shot, we see the padd is suddenly upside-down and the position of Picard's hand has changed.

  • Quotes

    • (upon knocking out some of Eli's men)
      Worf: I am beginning to see the appeal of this program!

    • Data: Commander. You just sit tight. We'll have this fixed up in time for supper.

    • Data: Spot, you are disrupting my ability to work.
      (Spot jumps on desk)
      Spot: Meow.
      Data: Vamoose ya little varment.

    • (Eli shoots a "Wanted" ad with his picture)
      Eli: If I ever find the varmint that drew this, he'll be sorry he ever put pen to paper. I'm 10 times uglier than that, ain't I?
      (a bandito laughs out loud)
      Eli: Shut up! You laugh so much, it's a wonder you ain't got flies in your mouth.
      Bandito: You're a very funny man, Senor Eli.

    • (upon seeing prostitute in holodeck)
      Worf: You wrote this holodeck program yourself?
      Alexander: Well, Mr. Barclay helped a little.
      Worf: I must have a little talk with Mr. Barclay.

    • Eli: (to Worf) I've killed 23 men; one more wouldn't make much of a difference... Of course, shooting someone as ugly as you couldn't be considered much of a crime, now could it? Was you born that way, or did your momma marry an armadillo?

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