Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 8

A Matter Of Honor

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1989 on CBS

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  • Could have been so much better... Kerrrr-PLAH!

    A good premise which unfortunately has to rely on a bad device (the corrosive lifeform hanging onto the ships hull)

    I found the whole Ensign Mendon / corrosive entity to be a distraction from Rykers stinit on the Klingon bird of prey. Yet it was necessary and does provide the valid reason for the Klingons suspicion to grow. The plot therefore should be looked at a pretty good, interesting because of the locations showing Klingon ship life and thus providing a comparison with life on the crew.

    The gut wretching food is the worst that Ryker ultimately faces as this Klingon crew accepts him to readily. However, the conflict between the two is done justice through the sequences of dialogue, esp. when in the Klingon canteen. Very funny stuff. The middle act shows the crew bonding quite well with reservations as the final act is setup well if with alot of inevitability. Back on the Enterprise, the less impressive plot element of the new ensign does its job of showing the newbie entering the environment of the highly important starfleet ship and the need to follow orders and the chain of command.

    Essentially, the sources for this episode are two misunderstandings and mistrust which have the potential for catastrophe. It is a good story, moreso for the chance to glimpse life on a Klingon ship and their attitude to humans.

    Worth a watch!