Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 14

A Matter Of Perspective

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1990 on CBS

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  • An under-appreciated episode.

    I would be lying if I wrote that "a Matter of Perspective" was the greatest Star Trek adventure of all time, but I do consider it to be a good episode under-rated by the fans. Its a Star Trek style murder-mystery with a surprise ending which I felt kept the audience guessing. One of the strength of Star Trek is its ability to put out so many original story-lines. This is something lacking in many other television dramas. Its the fact that the plot keeps one guessing until the end, and the fact that not every plot point is cleaning resolved that makes episodes like this so fun to watch, even after many viewings.

    Thankfully this episode keeps with the tradition of the Federation requiring hearings before releasing its citizens to the local authorities -- something that can be troublesome even in real life. Later series had an unfortunate tendency to gloss over this point -- in particular DS9 episode "the Vortex" that I found particular not believable.

    My hat is off to any fan that could solve this mystery before the episode's conclusion. I certainly had to wait until the end of the simulation. Definitely a fine example of Trek.