Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 26

All Good Things... (2)

Aired Unknown May 23, 1994 on CBS

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  • A satisfying finale (part 2)

    Patrick Stewart is the straw that stirs the drink in this mesmerizing finale with a plot (appropriately centered on Picard) that works with the pilot to bookend the show. Covering three time periods (with a puzzle connecting them) the episode moves at warp speed thanks to the time shifting, which brilliantly occurs with the audio changing time periods ahead of the visuals (leading to some cool cuts). Meanwhile, the plot weaves together big, high concept themes like time and existence with smaller character-based themes such as life, death, friendship and love. Adding to the joy is the authentic feeling of each time period, which makes the episode seem (within the show's framework) nostalgic, contemporary, and futuristic all at once. The cunning script even finds ways to exclude some of the "big seven" regulars in the past and future, which allows the show to sprinkle in guest stars without overwhelming the story or the viewers. And by wisely limiting the guest stars to one time period each (with the exception of John de Lancie), it allows for more of them than usual and creates distinct time periods that are easy for the audience to immediately differentiate. The glue that holds everything together is the dazzling performance of Patrick Stewart who owns every scene in the episode and sends the series on its way to feature films in spectacular fashion. And while "All Good Things" is not without its flaws (there are some gaping mistakes in the story if you think about it too much) the finale is infused with such love that it feels perfect especially for those who have watched and enjoyed the previous episodes of the show. It's as satisfying a conclusion as a fan could wish for.