Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 14

Angel One

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1988 on CBS

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  • Not worth your time.

    The crew searches for survivors from a Federation freighter that are on the planet Angel One, where the women dominate and the boys look pretty in tutus. Riker womanizes the woman in charge while his away team find the survivors but do not want to leave, yet they are fugitives. But wait! The plot twist, one of the women from the government of the planet is with them male survivors! DUN DUN DUN!!! So it all comes to the Prime Directive, should they be removed by force or should they be left as they wish?

    The conflict isn't very interesting, probably one of the worst Prime Directive episodes of TNG so far. I just didn't care for this episode, I didn't care if the survivors would be killed or not, I didn't care if Riker womanized the woman leader of the world. It was just a pointless episode, hell, made "Justice" look like a classic, so I won't recommend this one.

    I give it 1 out of 5 stars. (2.0 on
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