Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 14

Angel One

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1988 on CBS

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  • One of the weakest episodes of the 1st season, but not as awful as "Code of Honor" or "Justice".

    Yeah, this episode is pretty bad. But to be honest -- it's not that much worse than most of the 1st season episodes. And it's not quite scraping the barrel in terms of boredom ("Code of Honor") or sheer absurdity ("Justice"), though it gets close.

    The writers try to be provocative by beaming the Enterprise down to a planet run by women. I'm not sure what effect they were going for with this premise, but if it was viewer apathy they succeeded.

    The plot aboard the planet is not without its moments (largely concentrated in a two minute span). Data discovering perfume is amusing, though the followup by Tasha and the others is really tedious. (Data may not know what perfume is, but do the viewers really need an explanation?) And the scene where Riker walks in that ridiculous costume to titters by Tasha and Troi... let's just say they should have laughed a lot harder.

    The resolution of this plotline, where Riker gives a lame speech about "evolution" and "revolution", is awful. The planet leaders fall for this terrible speech hook line and sinker, making you wonder how their regime has survived all these years. (And also why you watched 45 minutes of this junk.)

    The subplot about the illness aboard the Enterprise is even more pointless than the planetside story and must have been introduced solely for the purpose of padding.
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