Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 14

Angel One

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1988 on CBS

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  • Battle of the sexes....

    "Angel One" is an interesting episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation - but a very flawed one. The Enterprise crew is hot on the trail of refugees from a destroyed starship that leads them to a planet, Angel One, that is very different from the human order: the women are dominant and in charge while the men are docile and considered objects (Hilary Clinton would love it). Trouble ensues when the refugees are seen as rebels and a nasty strain of illness makes its way through the crew of the Enterprise.

    Well, that is how the writers see the late 80s society anyway - as they used the women-dominated culture and the equality of the sexes culture of the Federation to butt heads to hammer the "equality" message home to the audience until blood is drawn. If you did not notice how the show at this point tried to badmouth the primitive state of the pre-24th Century humans (so basically, the show's audience) every chance it gets, you will in this episode. Riker makes an especially eye-rolling speech about "evolution" versus "revolution," and you really just want him to get off of his lame soapbox and end the episode already.

    That being said, "Angel One" is not completely bad - most of the pluses do go hand-in-hand with the minuses however. The portrayal of the women-lead culture is an interesting idea - but not completely handled well, (whoever gave the green light to the costumes seen in this episode should have been fired). Also, Karen Montgomery's performance of Beata, the ruler of Angel One, is quite good for a first season guest star - she's a real looker too. The only problem with the character is her half-romance with Riker. Beata seems to want to be submissive to Riker anyway, despite her "I am woman, hear me roar" culture. I find this odd considering the fact that she lived her whole life in this women-lead culture and is currently seeing over it at this point, why would she suddenly not want to be the strong woman that her race demands? I guess Riker was too dreamy?

    "Angel One" is not a bad episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but it sure is not one of the stronger ones. The best part of the episode is the epidemic aboard the enterprise - and I found whatever Data was given to do very entertaining.
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