Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 16

Birthright (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1993 on CBS

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  • What Dreams May Come

    The first part of this two parter crosses over with Deep Space Nine (to promote the new series in its infancy) and features a unique structure that works quite well for its two plotlines. The A story, featuring Worf, begins on the station, and although our favorite Klingon doesn't interact with any of the DS9's regulars (he instead meets an alien memorably played by James Cromwell,) it's an historically intriguing visit, foreshadowing his future as a regular on the spinoff series. The B story, featuring Data, explores the world of dreams in a deliciously abstract and mystical way, quite unlike anything the Star Trek franchise has done before. The two stories, thematically linked through their paternal explorations, work well together and even include an overlapping scene with Worf and Data. The result is a satisfying episode that serves as a great lead-in to the second part.
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