Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 6

Booby Trap

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1989 on CBS

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  • The Enterprise gets stuck in an ancient booby trap, and Geordi has romantic success with the ship's computer.

    This is an episode that in seasons 1 or 2 would have probably been regarded as quite good, but is below average for TNG's key stretch.

    The plot with Geordi was OK - while there's nothing flatly bad about it, it involves a lot of talking and not a lot of happening. There's too much of the technobabble that TNG tended to overuse.

    The related of the Enterprise's growing difficulties at extricating itself from the trap is more interesting, though again nothing particularly special.

    What is special is an musing sequence featuring Picard, Riker, Worf, Data and O'Brien. After Picard shows exasperation at the fact that no one shared his childhood hobby, Worf and Data deliver a pair of hilarious lines. Then O'Brien says he in fact did share Picard's hobby - and then is forced to defend himself against Riker's "you brown-noser!" look.