Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1990 on CBS

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  • Data is summoned to a distant planet where his creator lives, only to run into his "evil" brother Lore.

    Brothers is a great and well-written episode and a tour-de-force for Brent Spiner playing three roles. This episode truly shows what Data is capable of and also what Brent Spiner can do as an actor. It is also a turning point for Data's character in that he learns a lesson about how to treat his "evil" twin brother who takes an even further step into audacity. This episode has action, drama, suspense, and intense character development. It also gives us a glimpse of how dangerous an AWOL Data can be. Picard was frustrated that just one member of his crew can take over the entire ship at a moment's notice.
  • The best Lore episode.

    Because Data was the most rigidly ethical character on TNG, the idea of him turning to evil appealed to both audiences and the show's creators. And perhaps the most memorable such turn came in the form of Lore, Data's "evil twin".

    This episode adds an intermediary to that yin and yang – the androids' creator, Dr. Soong. Soong isn't a demented evildoer like Lore, but neither is he an upstanding goody too-shoes like Data. Instead, he is a completely amoral scientist, pursuing knowledge without thinking (or really, caring about) the consequences. The interplay between the three – and in particular, the twist near the end – makes the episode worthwhile.

    Of course, the most noteworthy thing about the episode is Brent Spiner's tour-de-force portrayal of three different (very different!) characters. The B-plot about a brotherly prank gone wrong was intentionally included as a foil for the main brotherly story, but it comes off as filler.
  • The Enterprise is headed to a starbase to bring a sick child for treatment. while on route Data seems to be acting abnormally. It turns out he has been signaled to the planet in which Dr. Soong resides, and who else decides to show up but Data's brother L

    And I thought my brothers had problems. What do you do when one has all the emotions that the other aspires to have.This episode has to teach us one of the most important lessons. No matter how your family is, you must always learn to forgive them. I'm not saure how far that forgiveness should go, but in the case of the other brothers Willy, and the older one. They seemed to have reconciled. It was sweet, and it left something to hold onto in the future.
  • When a Boy's practical joke leaves his brother terribly ill. Riker Confronts the boy on his actions. While Data is escorting the boy to his quarters, Data starts acting wierd. He puts in a course without Picard' approval. When Picard inquires about the ne

    When a Boy's practical joke leaves his brother terribly ill. Riker Confronts the boy on his actions. While Data is escorting the boy to his quarters, Data starts acting wierd. He puts in a course without Picard' approval. When Picard inquires about the new course. Data cause the bridge lifesupport systems to go offline. Data goes as far as impersonating the Captain to gain control of the ship's computer. When the "Enterprise" arrives at Data's destination. We find Data has found that his father may still be alive. You have to see this episode I rate it a 9.5.
  • Another great Data episode.

    I love Data episodes, this one in particular because with three different roles we really get to see the range of Brent Spiner's acting abilities. I think he's the best actor on the show. The plot is fantastic from beginning to end, with one thing making this a 9 and not a 10: I thought the little boy plot was cheesy. I know we needed a reason for the Enterprise to be on a time constraint, but I'm not a big fan of parallel plots to drive home a point. It's very sitcom-style and Star Trek is too good for that. Luckily it didn't detract largely from the episode, because it was just a background plot behind a great main storyline. It's really cool how quickly and effortlessly Data is able to take over the ship, using Picard's voice and leaving the entire security staff powerless to stop him. Seeing Lore again is a nice surprise, as we learn a little more about his history and almost feel sorry for him but not quite. Lore is a great villian. I love how he makes Data look like a dweeby goody-two-shoes in need of a wedgie. Very effective.

    I didn't even realize it was Brent Spiner playing Dr. Soong until I looked it up on IMDB wondering why they chose to put old guy makeup on a young guy instead of just hiring an old guy to play the part. Bravo! That's what I call impressive. Now I have to watch it again.
  • Don't you hate it when you're summoned to a planet and forced to meet your brother?

    Brent Spiner shines in a triple role that allows him to flex his acting muscles even more than usual. There are some obvious camera tricks that wouldn't be necessary with today's technology, but as the layers of the Data/Soong/Lore story unfold, it becomes easier to forget them. The B story, a shipboard medical issue that's there only to create a sense of urgency and dovetail with the A story, falls a bit flat and is reminiscent of the problems the show had in the early seasons when it came to writing for children.