Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 19

Captain's Holiday

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1990 on CBS

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  • Picard can't keep the girls away. Poor guy.


    This "Romancing the Stone" episode features the lighter side of Picard, allowing Patrick Stewart to show off his comedic talents. It also introduces Vash (Jennifer Hetrick), one of the more interesting females in Star Trek history. Unfortunately, the settings fall short of what a Star Trek movie could have done with this script; in particular, the lack of location shooting is evident. But with Max Grodénchik (who would go on to play Rom in Deep Space Nine) as the Ferengi foil and a fastpaced, offbeat script, "Captain's Holiday" is still a crowd pleaser.

  • Picard is the target on this episode. The whole "Enterprise" crew are hinting for Picard to take a vacation. He finally gets the idea and beams down to risa. He meets a attractive woman named Vash. She is searching for a item called the Uthat.

    Picard is the target on this episode. The whole "Enterprise" crew are hinting for Picard to take a vacation. He finally gets the idea and beams down to risa. He meets a attractive woman named Vash. She is searching for a item called the Uthat. A ferengi named Sovak is also interested in making a profit and is searching for the same item. Meanwhile some 27th century Vorgons are wanting the same item which belongs to the future. I wonder is Vash and Picard going to get married in the future? I rate this one a 7.7.
  • "Captain's Holiday" is a pretty good adventure showing "Picard" off the Bridge of the Enterprise, and away from the pressures of command

    "Dr. Crusher" (Gates McFadden) reports to "Capt. Picard" (Patrick Stewart) that a member of the crew is in real need of a break, and suggests a vacation. It turns out that that crewmember is the captain himself.

    On strong reccomendation by "Cmnd. Riker" (Jonathan Frakes), "Picard" goes to the planet "Risa", a popular vacation spot in the sector.

    On "Risa", prior to the captain's arrival, two aliens arrive on "Risa" looking for him. They quickly learn they need to wait for him.

    Shortly after his arrival, "Picard" encounters a "Ferengi" (Michael Grodenchik) and a human female named "Vash" (Jennifer Hetrick) who is in possession of a mysterious optical disc.

    "Picard" then encounters the two aliens who were in search of him prior to his arrival. They claim to be from the 27th century for the "Tox Uthat," a powerful secret weapon.

    "Picard" discovers that in a previous encounter with "Vash", she slipped her disc into his pocket and confronts her about it. She says that disc was given to her for safekeeping by the archeologist who discovered the location of the "Tox Uthat" prior to his death. The two then join forces to search for the weapon, which resembles a cut jewel, while dodging the "Ferengi".

    This episode is entirely "Picard's", as it only follows his adventure searching for the "Tox Uthat". Unlike other episodes, this doesn't have a subplot for the rest of the cast to do so they only appear at the start and ending of the episode.

    Stewart and Hetrick play off each other pretty well, and appear quite comfortable together. Grodenchik also does a good job, and makes you forget that he is "Rom" from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the role he is best known for following this appearance. The two aliens who search for "Picard" and the "Tox Uthat" appear stiff in their performance, but that is by design. As for the rest of the regular cast, they obviously are having fun trying to get their commanding officer to go on vacation.

    The scenery is quite boring. It is obvious that the entire "Risa" sets are a soundstage. I would have personally accepted if they added footage of a tropical setting to help putting over "Risa" is suppose to be a planet with a warm climate known as a vacation spot. Also, there is a lack of technology in this episode for "Picard" to use, but that might have been the plan.

    "Captain's Holiday" is not your average TNG adventure. It's worth checking out.
  • A very fun episode in the Indiana Jones mold, and a nice break from typical TNG.

    This is a very enjoyable episode, particularly because it is so different from most other TNG episodes. Captain Picard goes on vacation for some much needed R&R, but excitement follows him there!

    This episode works to a large degree because of the chemistry between Patrick Stewart and Jennifer Hetrick. It's a nice, combustible pairing between two independent, strong-willed characters. The story is a good one as well, with several competing parties looking for a long-lost artifact. A nice echo of the Indiana Jones movies.

    Finally, while humor cropped up frequently in TNG, this is one of the best light-hearted episodes in the season's run. I guess my assessment of this episode is higher than other fans', perhaps because it is so different.
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