Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 18

Cause And Effect

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1992 on CBS

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  • Deja Vu the Trek way....

    The Enterprise, after sensing an unusual snag in the space/time continuum and losing control of the ship, explodes after complications resulting from a collision with another starship - and no, that's not a spoiler, it is the first minute or two of "Cause And Effect." The Enterprise crew realizes that they are stuck in a loop in time that begins with the Enterprise entering into the Typhon Expanse and ending with the destruction of the Enterprise - each time the loop begins the crew forgets what they experienced previously, they only have a lingering feeling of deja vu. Each set of Enterprise crew-members must work to leave clues for the next set of Enterprise crew-members who will experience the time loop so that the can be pulled out of it. "Cause And Effect" is a great episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jonathan Frakes directs this interesting episode with a precision, ingenuity, and uniqueness that would only be bested by his direction on "Star Trek: First Contact" - although some scenes become tedious with repetition, the overall mystery and storytelling remain compelling. The episode could have been better had a different character besides Dr. Crusher been chosen as the centerpiece of the episode, as a more interesting character and better actor than Crusher and McFadden would have been more entertaining to watch in the center of it all, but "Cause And Effect" remains one of the most memorable episodes of TNG. Kelsey Grammer also makes a guest appearance - this fact makes "Cause And Effect" worthwhile enough on its own.