Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 18

Cause And Effect

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1992 on CBS

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  • While exploring and area of space called the Typhon Expanse, Enterprise gets caught in a temporal loop which causes them to continuously repeat events which culminate in the destruction of Enterprise and all aboard.

    Along with the episode that aired immediately after this one, "The First Duty", "Cause and Effect" is one of the fifth season's best episodes. The episode certainly draws you in with its opening scene and doesn't let go. What made this episode work so well was not just the predicament that Enterprise was caught in, but the crew's attempts at discovering what is happening and how they will attempt to get out of it. Seeing exactly how they do that is just fantastic. This episode also has a memorable ending with a brief but definitely terrific cameo by Kelsey Grammar.