Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 10

Chain Of Command (1)

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1992 on CBS

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  • Picard and the Feds are outfoxed by the classy Cardassians

    With Ronny Cox guest starring I was expecting better. I did like the episode, but I found it chaotic at times. There was too much going on, onboard the Enterprise to make effective screenplay. Sure the lead up to the secret mission is full of trepidation, as is the anxiety felt across the ship at the change in command. Both elements succeed in keeping viewers off-balanced so they arent thinking of what inevitably will come to pass. In this respect if watching for the first time or after a long time you wont remember what will come to pass.

    Some memorable moments are Rikers reaction to the new captains requirements... heh-heh-heh. While the Jellico's scene with the Cardassians is probably the best sequence of this particular hour. I just wonder if the Cardassian wouldnt have left and gone to a superior - but I guess even they are embarrassed to fail.

    And so to the actual mission, which was dont really well and provides drama on their approach to their target and a great twist at the end, where most of the action occurs - at least that of a violent nature.

    The way in which the Cardassian's fulfil their racial traits and outfox the Federation is the best part of the whole plot. Very believeable.

    Ultimately though, this proves to be an adequate foil for the concluding part - thankfully.