Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1991 on CBS

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  • unreasonble episode

    If everything about the aliens are eliminated from the ship's computer and memories of all crew members except Data's. Also in the end of the episode, Picard should again gives strict order to Data that it can abosolutely not to reveal anything about the aliens to anyone including Picard himself. Ask yourself a question: "This record (meaning this episode) is told by whom?"
  • Great mystery - poor payoff....

    .... Like "The Wounded," Star Trek: TNG Season 4 episode "Clues" is mostly a great episode only to be undone by its wobbly ending. A great mystery unfolds when, after the crew is knocked unconscious when they come across an uncharted planet, the crew begins to suspect that Data is withholding information from them about their ordeal. This episode keeps the viewer guessing and glued to the screen for the majority of its runtime but a cheap cop-out ending ultimately leaves the viewer in a state of disbelief.
  • Great mystery episode

    One of TNG's best mystery episodes, this bottle show isn't without some logic problems if you think about things too much, but these are forgivable because of how well the episode plays out. As the story progresses, the Enterprise crew (and the viewing audience) have to deal with the idea that either things are increasingly not making any sense or the Enterprise's most trustworthy crewmember is outright lying. Seeing said trustworthy character (Data) dealing with the doubts of his shipmates is half the fun.
  • A nice mystery.

    I actually like the teaser here, though you only appreciate its connection the main story on second viewing.

    The writers were smart enough not to give away the ending too early, as they did on "Remember Me". And in some ways, this plot anticipates "Cause and Effect" -- do we really have control over our fates, or are we doomed to our circumstances?

    In addition, the writers took the advantage of the door opened by "Brothers" - the possibility that good old dependable Data might not be fully worthy of the crew's trust or ours.

    While I wouldn't characterize this episode as one of my favorites, it's a fun, well-plotted 45 minutes.
  • Strange occurrences and a stranger reason for them occurring, complete with sappy "You are worthy" speech. We all know Data is hiding something, but why? And who broke Worf's wrist?

    It's Troi who takes a crack at Worf, while inhabited by an alien psi force that can increase her strength without any after effects for her.

    Why didn't Picard say "Leave a warning beacon" at the episode's start? Surely other, less obvious clues, might come back to haunt them?

    For some reasons, a crewmember was involved before their memories were wiped out. Crusher did this, Troi did that, Data did the other thing.

    Why not order Data to erase his memory instead of keeping his mouth shut? It would be accessible by the Borg, Lore, or anyone else who could tap into Data's memory cells. It would make the mystery even darker and would have been a terrific spin, nor having everyone question Data - which in of itself is a fair idea, but it doesn't come across as well as it could.

    While the first three acts are somewhat tedious and it's clear Data is hiding something. But the final act does convincingly make the whole affair believable despite its flaws.

    Not bad, but by no means perfect.
  • Is Data lying or did something happen to the crew ?

    Besides a few quibbles, this story is very well plotted. It starts off a little shakily with a silly scene on the holodeck - but quickly emerges as an interesting story about what happened to the crew while they were unconscious. It first seems Data must be lying when various evidence is gathered to contradict his story about their 30-seconds unconscious state. But instead of going down the obvious path and assuming Data must be up to no good, the story turns to assuming something happened to the crew and Data is trying to save them. Even the ending is quite good with Data smiling about fooling the crew for the second time! However, it is a little unusual for the captain to readily accept that the ship could so easily be destroyed without checking the possibility a bit further.
  • The "Enterprise" has found a mysterious planet. While going in for a closer look, the crew experiences a leap through a wormhole. The crew is knocked unconscious, only data is alert. Data claims the crew has been out for 30 seconds. Mysterious things have

    The "Enterprise" has found a mysterious planet. While going in for a closer look, the crew experiences a leap through a wormhole. The crew is knocked unconscious, only data is alert. Data claims the crew has been out for 30 seconds. Mysterious things have occured. Dr Crusher's spore cultures have rapidly grown in 30 seconds. Worf's arm has been broken but yet he does not remember how it happened. Picard does not believe Data is telling the truth. So, Picard orders the ship back to where it all began. Could data be lying? I rate this one a 9.6.
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