Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 4

Code Of Honor

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1987 on CBS

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  • "Code Of Bummer"

    The thing that stood out the most to me that made this such a bad episode was the directing: it was terrible. The actors were often very stiff (especially when Gates McFadden was talking to Patrick Stewart in his Ready Room -- she was awful -- and she is such a fantastic actor otherwise!) Blame it on the director: cues were not picked up quickly enough and the "action" dragged. Very little movement while the actors were speaking. They just stood there and recited their lines. God bless them. They were a fantastic and extremely talented group of actors, but in this episode the direction they were given was bor-ing and unimaginative. Of course, this was only the third episode ever of this new series, and everyone was still trying to find their footing and develop their characters. But man -- what awful directing. This episode gets a D+ from me.
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