Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 4

Code Of Honor

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1987 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Picard orders Riker to have the torpedoes detonate 1,000 meters above the surface, they did not even make it into the atmosphere prior to exploding.

    • When the battle to the death begins, Lutan states it is not to be interrupted. But when Yareena loses her weapon, he stops the fight for her to retrieve it; not to mention helping the one he wants to lose.

    • During her fight with Yareena, Yar's weapon is on her left hand. However, when Yar beams up with Yareena, the weapon moves to her right hand.

    • While on the planet, watch Troi's arms. In the group shots, Troi's arms are at her sides, while in the close-ups, her arms are behind her back.

    • When Dr. Crusher examines Yareena after she is "killed," a watch can be seen on Crusher's left wrist. Humans, especially Starfleet officers, don't wear watches, as they can usually just ask the computer for the time. Certainly we never see other Starfleet officers wear wrist watches, and Crusher never wears one again.

    • Throughout the episode, Crusher is adamant about how out of control this terrible, virulent plague has gotten. Millions of cases are reported, etc., etc. When they have the cure, Riker orders that they proceed to deliver it to the afflicted colony at "warp three." Isn't that callous?

    • Why do they beam a ranking Ligonian and his diplomatic party into a cargo bay?

    • Near the end of the episode Picard directs Lutan and Hagon into the observation lounge - when they leave the bridge the two of them go first, but a split second later when they cut to a shot of the lounge, Picard arrives first and they come in after him - how'd Picard get in front of them?

    • During the discussion about Picard beaming down to the planet, Riker calls the lesser-ranked Data "Sir."

  • Quotes

    • Lutan: A code of honor protects one like a magic cloak.

    • Data: What Lutan did is similar to what certain American Indians once did called "counting coup." That is from an obscure language known as French.
      Picard: Mr. Data, the French language, for centuries on Earth, represented civilization.
      Data: Indeed? But surely, sir..
      Riker: I suggest you drop it, Mr. Data.

    • Riker: I'll see that (Wesley) leaves immediately.
      Picard: No.
      Riker: No?
      Picard: Why don't you sit down at Ops next to Lt. LaForge?
      Wesley: Sir?
      Geordi: Sir?
      Picard: Is the whole ship deaf? Sit down over there, young man.

    • Data: Most interesting. Could this be Human Joke #663?
      LaForge: Negative, Data. That's a captain's order.

  • Notes

    • In the original script, only Lutan's guards were specified to be black; it was director Russ Mayberry's idea to cast the rest of the guest cast as all black performers. Late in the episode's production, Gene Roddenberry became concerned about this decision and Mayberry's handling of the story, and fired him. The rest of the episode was directed by Les Landau.

    • In the scene on the planet where Tasha is sitting on the floor and Picard and Troi enter the room, there's a lamp in the background. It's exactly the same design (maybe even the same prop?) as the summoning device in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Equinox (2)".

    • The first appearances of the Enterprise holodeck grid and arch.

  • Allusions

    • Picard's Gift Horse
      While Picard speaks to Lutan about the similarities between their cultures, he offers him a gift. Despite the fact that he says it is of Chinese origin, it bears a striking resemblance to the Trojan Horse, the mythological "gift" left in front of the gates of Troy by the Greeks. This was a large, hollow wooden horse filled with Greek soldiers. The Trojans opened their gates and brought in the horse. At night, the Greek soldiers crept out of the horse and took Troy. The term "Trojan Horse" has come to mean a sneak attack, which is meaningful in this episode considering that more than one such event take place in this episode.

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