Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Unknown May 09, 1988 on CBS

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  • Ideas about making "New Parasite horror films".

    I like this "STAR TREK: TNG" episode "CONSPIRACY"! I love the neck inflatable bladder fx scene when this man eats the parasite and his neck starts to bulge in and out. I seriously think the new filmmakers ought to make hundreds of short horror films or low-budget parasite feature horror films out of this episode and do thousands of heads, necks and bellies inflatable bladders special makeup effects about the evil guys impregnates to each other or mainly parasites bulges from guys' throats, bellies and faces. They really should make special makeup effects parasite horror flicks.
  • Suspecting that a conspiracy may be afoot in the highest levels of Starfleet Command, Picard orders Enterprise to return to Earth to investigate.

    The writers of "Conspiracy" obviously saw the 1953 science fiction film "Invaders from Mars". I saw a few echoes of that film in this episode. That does not mean the episode is bad. I have watched this episode many times over the years and have enjoyed it intensely every time. The episode has the right blend of action and drama. The scenes of Data performing the task assigned to him by Picard and presenting his findings is very well done. The story works its way to a good climax as well. As graphic as they are, the scenes of the creature inside Remmick's body are a sight to see! The episode's final scene is in my mind probably the best ending scenes of any episode of the entire series. This "Conspiracy" theory is worth listening to!
  • What were they thinking?

    I can't help but wonder what they were thinking when they made this episode. It's like they got drunk and made this whole episode before they sobered up. Or hired Roger Corman. When it aired, this episode came with a warning that it contained graphic images. It's like this was a peek at what Star Trek would have been like if it was made as a B-horror movie in the 1950s.

    I'm so glad that they never continued on the cliffhanger they left at the end of the episode.

    In my opinion, this episode ranks with Shades of Grey as one of the dumbest episodes ever.
  • Superb plot, should have been the season finale!

    Just when you thought the threat to the Federation couldnt get any worse.... yet I will always wonder what happened to the signal sent to the parasites homeworld.

    A very good start promotes a great deal of suspicion as Picard rendevous with the other top starfleet capts. You will immediately get a feeling that something immense is threatening the status quo of the ST universe.

    The plot moves gingerly along in a sequence of well thought scenes that do an excellent job of showing Picard enters the vipers nest holding nothing but his er nads....

    The intensity level spikes though when we learn that Adm Quinn is one of the infected. Brilliant scene as he takes Ryker and Worf apart! It only gets better from here as Picard is served a feast of worms, pointing to the fact that all those present have been turned!

    The bluff by Ryker is probably his best moment of the first series. Makes a change from all those wide-eyes smirks of feigned surprise! The final battle is what you can expect from the first series effect dept - poor. But the cornering of Cmd Remmick who is the host for the brain parasite is probably the best scene in the whole series. This would have made the perfect series finale!

    Do not miss it!
  • The Enterprise returns to Earth, where a conspiracy seems to be threatening Starfleet.

    Star Trek pays homage to horror films here (especially Invasion of the Body Snatchers), and the result is pretty good, even if the Harryhausen-ish effects are a little embarrassing. (Actually, in a lot of ways, this episode is sort of a precursor to the X Files, playing up the paranoia. You'd think Chris Carter wrote this one!) The script is good, and guest stars Ward Costello and Robert Schenkkan return after being part of the B story for "Coming of Age"; they're once again fantastic. This episode, especially with its ending, would have been an especially good note to end the season on.
  • Well written, well plotted, well acted, and for the time the effects were not bad. If only more of season 1 were like this one, and I wish this one was properly followed up, unlike other TNG episodes that were revisited.

    Covert alien invasion, paranoia, what constitutes a conspiracy theory and what doesn't, and bluffing. And somehow this episode doesn't get a follow-up, while at least 3 subsequent TNG stories remind us Data is an anatomically correct android and/or did it with Tasha Yar (rollseyes).

    Even with multiple viewings, this one still holds up fairly well thanks to a taut storyline and top notch acting.

    So here's the story: Starfleet is being invaded, and some commanding officers are acting a little strange. What makes this story work is the number of plot twists, which more than easily outdo any of the clichés put into it (I won't mention spoilers). Given drama has only so many plots, it's how well something is written and acted that can make up for even the most banal scribble. While other TNG season 1 episodes fall down flat due to not having a focus or even any expectations, this one by far goes the extra mile. Of course, I can't give it a 10/10. Why? Because the stupid joke in the pre-credits teaser, where Geordi tells a joke to Data, who seems unable to comprehend why so many males would find it difficult to (yes, that) in zero-g hyperspace... did we have to be reminded this was season 1? (See the travesties known as "Justice" and/or "The Naked Now" for more, if you dare...)
  • Anti-clamatic and gross.

    This episode was very weird. I know they can't help the horrible graphics at some points in the episode but I've seen better animation on Pee Wee's Playhouse. While I think the plot was entertaining and cleaver, it was very anti-clamatic and left much to be desired. It I was to make a list of worst episodes for ST:TNG, this episode would probobly make top ten. I am a trekie and the nesxt generation is my poison of choice, but if this episode was never mentioned, I wouldn't be upset. Oh, and definitly DO NOT eat anything before or during...or after watching. Trust me.
  • The first episode of TNG that deserves the status of bona fide classic

    'Conspiracy' finally sees TNG deliver an out-an-out classic with this brilliant, deliciously paranoid re-working of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. It's a great premise and suitably chilling to see Starfleet completely overrun by an alien menance.

    My only real criticism is that this was should have been at least a two-parter: there was the potential for a huge story arc here. The ending is a reset button of the first degree and I really wanted some acknowledgement of the fact it would take Starfleet a *long* time to recover from this sinister takeover. That said, there is a beautifully ominous (and uncharacteristically downbeat) ending when Data realises that the aliens have sent out a homing beacon.

    It's an engrossing episode, beautifully executed and the atmosphere of tension is maintained pretty much throughout. The climax, which sees some explosive gore the likes of which we've never seen before nor since on Trek, has a certain notoriety. When this episode was first aired in the UK, the scene featuring Remmick's demise was *heavily* edited, making it more than a little difficult to figure out what had happened.
  • The mystery? Great! The payoff? Eh, not so much....

    "Conspiracy" has a great premise and mystery but a poor payoff. Picard is contacted by a few Federation captains who tell him of a possible conspiracy within the Federation. When one of the Captain's ship is destroyed mysteriously, Picard decides to act on those conspiracy suspicions and returns to Earth where the Enterprise confronts the entities behind the conspiracy directly. "Conspriacy" is a good-and-bad episode that leans closest to good. The majority of the episode deals with Picard & co. uncovering a conspiracy mystery and is well written. The episode's end however features some of the most laugh-out-loud Italian B-movie special effects ever seen in the 40+ years of Star Trek as the alien entity behind the conspiracy look like a Play-Doh animation creation.
  • By far the best episode of season 1 - a well-written, well-paced story with some great twists and turns. It does lose some of its impact on repeat viewings, but definitely worth watching for the new TNG fan.

    Episodes of this quality (and better) became much more common later in TNG, but here it shines like a beacon in the darkness.

    The writers tell the story exactly right -- starting with a relatively light-hearted teaser (with Data trying to laugh at Geordi's joke, creepy in the extreme) and then escalating the tension bit by bit. First the mysterious transmission to Picard from an old colleague, then the secretive meeting on a deserted planet, and then the shocking destruction of a Federation starship. Picard becomes convinced of a conspiracy in Starfleet and flies to earth -- but finds himself trapped. The twist with Commander Riker, perfectly written and played, keeps us on the edge of our seats. The unsettling ending -- a cliffhanger that was never resolved -- is just perfect.

    Another unusual twist in this episode is the conscious attempt at over-the-top gore, rarely used in Star Trek (with the exception of "Genesis" in season 7) and more common in sci-fi horror. (I thought of some of the Alien movies.) Probably disturbing to children or the squeamish, but it's so cartoonish that most adults will take it just fine. The explosion of Remmick's head is hilarious and awesome at the same time.
  • One of the grossest episode in STar Trek history

    When I watched this, I was warned ahead of time not to eat anything while watching it. And boy were they right.

    This is one of the most grafic episode in Star Trek history. I didn't like it for that reason. Pretty cool ending left it open for a sequel (which never happened unless you count the DS9 novels which did continue this story).

    Not bad.
  • Alien beings have taken over the heads of Starfleet and threaten to destroy the Federation from within.

    In the best episode of the first season, this action-filled suspense thriller starts as a fellow captain calls Picard to a secret meeting where they tell him a conspiracy theory revolving around strange orders and many deaths amongst Starfleet's finest. The episode has many good character points as even Dr. Crusher gets to use a phaser and stun someone after Worf and La Forge are incapacitated. If you like action, this episode is definitely one that has Picard mirroring Kirk in that he kicks butt in this episode. But unlike Kirk, he has no fist fights only cunning and a phaser on stun. Great episode!
  • A Lot Of Stuff Happens In This Episode.... Dr. Crusher manages to knock out Quinn, Remic's head explodes, and A giant ugly parasite is seen.....

    This episode is one of the best ones.... but it is one of the most violent.... I would think that blowing off Remic's head might bother some people, and also the parasite would also bother somebody.... That thing is creepy!!!! And that is probably one of the reasons that they shoot the thing....

    Riker, Worf, and Geordi cannot fight Quinn, but Dr. Crusher can, and all it took was a phaser... She was brave and didn't look afraid at all....

    They managed to wipe out a conspiracy that happened during the first season. They had prevented an alien invasion, that many people were aware of........ Also in the first season, they come across some of the work of The Borg, when they meet the Romulans...

    They should make all of the episodes like this one....
    And Data is very funny in this episode....

    I think that this episode should have been a two part episode......
  • A rendezvous on an uninhabited planet, Captain Keel and other Starfleet officers tell Picard that they suspect a conspiracy in the upper ranks of Starfleet. Data confirms there is a conspiracy. It is off to starfleet headquarters. Picard beams down to sta

    A rendezvous on an uninhabited planet, Captain Keel and other Starfleet officers tell Captain Picard that they suspect a conspiracy in the upper ranks of Starfleet. Data confirms the conspiracy. It is off to starfleet headquarters. When the "Enterprise" reachs starfleet. Picard finds the admirals also acting strangely. Picard is invited to dinner with starfleet. Picard does not like what is on the menu and tries to leave. Riker shows up and informs Picard he is going no where. Is Riker part of it, tune in and find out. This episode has a excellent plot. I give rating of 9.0
  • The conspiracy continues...

    While journeying to Pacifica, the U.S.S. Enterprise receives an emergency message for Captain Picard from Starfleet Captain Walker Keel, who requests a secret meeting. At the meeting he's aquainted with the three top captains of Starfleet. They discuss about a threat, that someone or something is taking control of vital sections of the Federation. Picard isn't sure wether to believe them or not but thinks about it when he arrives back on the Enterprise. Later they discover that Walker Keel's ship has been destroyed and Picard starts to believe in the conspiracy and takes the ship to Earth to find out what the hell is going on.

    Great conclusion to "Coming of Age", very creepy, esspecially the scene with Remmick's head blowing up eww... From what I have read this was supposed to be a prelude for the Borg. That the Borg would send these parasites before entering Federation space, as we can see from the ending of the show when Data informs Picard that before the queen parasite was killed, it sent a beacon. Showing the Enterprise take off till it's off camera and pans ahead to the stars as we hear the beacon beeping in dead silence. Very chilling, too bad they never mention them anymore after this. I like to think of "Coming of Age", "Conspiracy" and "The Neutral Zone" as the hints of the Borg coming before being formally introduced in "Q, Who". I give this a recommendation.

    I give this episode 5 stars out of 5. (10 on
  • My first experiance with the next generation

    This was the first episode of Star Trek the Next Generation that I ever saw.
    I was eight years old and it scared the hell out of me. Them eating Gagh and the crawdad like creature crawling up Rimick's body and into his mouth creeped me out. I'm glad that didn't make me from continuing to watch the series.