Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Unknown May 09, 1988 on CBS

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  • Well written, well plotted, well acted, and for the time the effects were not bad. If only more of season 1 were like this one, and I wish this one was properly followed up, unlike other TNG episodes that were revisited.

    Covert alien invasion, paranoia, what constitutes a conspiracy theory and what doesn't, and bluffing. And somehow this episode doesn't get a follow-up, while at least 3 subsequent TNG stories remind us Data is an anatomically correct android and/or did it with Tasha Yar (rollseyes).

    Even with multiple viewings, this one still holds up fairly well thanks to a taut storyline and top notch acting.

    So here's the story: Starfleet is being invaded, and some commanding officers are acting a little strange. What makes this story work is the number of plot twists, which more than easily outdo any of the clichés put into it (I won't mention spoilers). Given drama has only so many plots, it's how well something is written and acted that can make up for even the most banal scribble. While other TNG season 1 episodes fall down flat due to not having a focus or even any expectations, this one by far goes the extra mile. Of course, I can't give it a 10/10. Why? Because the stupid joke in the pre-credits teaser, where Geordi tells a joke to Data, who seems unable to comprehend why so many males would find it difficult to (yes, that) in zero-g hyperspace... did we have to be reminded this was season 1? (See the travesties known as "Justice" and/or "The Naked Now" for more, if you dare...)
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