Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 11

Data's Day

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1991 on CBS

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  • A day in the life....

    .... If one could not guess from the episode's title, "Data's Day" centers around Data's life on the Enterprise. The audience gets to live out a great episode of TNG through Data and all of the work, fun and danger that goes with it. Data himself narrates the episode as he learns about humanity through his friendships while he also carries out his duties as a highly skilled Starfleet officer. Brent Spiner does an extraordinary job in "Data's Day," simply one of his finest works on the show. The story itself is wonderfully balanced between the thematic elements of Data's steps towards understanding humanity, the well-conceived political thriller aspects of the world of Star Trek and the more all-out fun and funny aspects that makes this episode entertaining. "Data's Day" is an exceptional episode of Star Trek: TNG and easily one of the finest of Season 4.
  • A marriage and a death mark the day in the life of Data

    This "day in the life of the Enterprise" story is shrewdly written and features yet another great performance by Brent Spiner ("Data"). While the story weaves in issues of friendship, romance, and life and death, the focus always remains on Data's unique reactions to these situations, turning this one of the most successful character-driven episodes Star Trek has ever done. Included is one of the most memorable Data scenes ever, a dance sequence with Data and Dr. Crusher.
  • Probably the best "fun" episode of TNG. Hats off to Brent Spiner.

    While there were certainly plenty of humorous bits (not all intentional) throughout the run of TNG, there were not many light-hearted episodes and most of them were weak. This, of course, is a major exception.

    Somehow, halfway into the show's life, the writers managed to wring yet another clever idea out of Data's character - a "Dear Diary" episode. Data's naivete adds a fresh charm even to the obvious.

    Despite the obvious focus on Data, we get additional insight into the other crew members through his eyes. Chief O'Brien in particular gets additional dimension.

    There are no slow points in this story. The dancing sequence is tough to beat in terms of sheer hilarity.
  • Data is the man.. Sorry, the android..

    This episode maybe lacks the usual hassle and action which takes most of ~45 minutes run time, and what's left is used for special life of characters.. But this episode makes a rare U-turn and brings an ordinary day of Enterprise from the eyes of maybe one of the best characters ever created: Data.. Reporting his human interactions to Lt. (?) Maddox (who previously tried to apply lobotomy to Data, as far as I can remember) the show makes a nice mix of Data's android naiveness without crossing any lines of absurdness. Nice dance sequence too with Dr. Crusher. A nice, easy to watch episode, something new but still something TNG..
  • Data's day - simple but absolutely brilliant!

    This episode has to be one of the best comical episodes written for the show. Data's innocence and unique outlook on life is brilliantly portrayed by Brent Spiner. I question anyone who doesn't laugh outloud when Data learns to tap dance, an absolute classic moment. Of all the Star Trek moments, that for me is a true gem. Data is of course struggling to become more human but his attempts to do so are often misplaced and amusing. A top 10 TNG episode and Spiner's best episode.
  • This episode is a day according to Data, as Data tells it. Data is in full command of the "Enterprise" at night since he needs no rest. Data learns how to dance from Dr. Krusher. Data is representing the father of the bride

    This episode is a day according to Data, as Data tells it. Data is in full command of the "Enterprise" at night since he needs no rest. Data learns how to dance from Dr. Krusher. Data is representing the father of the bride in Chief Miles O'Brien and Keiko Ishikawa wedding. Keiko gets cold feet and calls the wedding off. Data talks to her about reconsidering and she asks Data to leave her alone. She gets married anyways. Captain Picard is officiating the wedding. Data does some impressive dancing with Keiko. I rate this one a 9.7.
  • Data is recording a log for Commander Maddox (Measure of a Man) about his going abouts in a normal day. Data struggles with the understanding of friendship and love, and he also tries to solve the case of the death of a Vulcon embassador.

    This episode made me even more confused about the innner workings of Data. Trying to understand how he evaluates certain situations can often come in handy in the human psyche I suppose. I love his handle on the case of the death of the embassador. Using Sherlok Holme's approaches to solving a mystery. It made Data relavtively human, in a matter of speaking, to be taking all of his techniques from humans; real or fictional.
    And his dancing wasn't to bad either. Though I always question his facial expressions. Creepy, but endearing.