Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 13

Deja Q

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1990 on CBS

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  • This is the best Q episode ever.

    Any episode that has Q in it you know is going to be good but this one was the best. Q comes to the Enterprise having lost his powers and seeks refuge. Captain Picard and the others are having a hard time with the concept of a “human” Q. Just before Q arrived the Enterprise was in the process of humanitarian mission at Bre’el 4 outpost. The Bre’el moon is about to “fall out of the sky”. After the Enterprises first try to push the moon back into orbit the powerless Q arrives asking for sanctuary. Picard grants Q’s request by putting him in the brig. Q convinces Picard that he can help with putting the moon back in orbit. Captain Picard puts Data in charge of Q. Shortly after Q’s release a strange life form show’s up, the Calamarian. The Calamarian has a grudge to settle with Q and will stop at nothing to get vengeance. After two attacks by the Calamarin and Data saving his life both times Q decides that he will never make it as a “human”. Q steals a shuttlecraft so the Calamarin will go after him and not the Enterprise. While in the shuttle Q is visited by another Q (Q2) and is told that he (Q) has his powers back because of his selfless act of trying to save the Enterprise from the Calamarin. Q now with his powers back sends the Calamarin to somewhere far away and shows up on the bride with a full Mariachi band, cigars for the crew and a special surprise for Data his teacher of the humanities. After Q departs Data’s surprise is a huge laugh after which is says that it felt wonderful. And to top things off Q returns the Bre’el moon back to it’s orbit. No matter what Q does or how bad it is he always does the right thing in the end. Q’s more human then he wants to admit. This is just another great episode from Mike Piller.