Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 13

Deja Q

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1990 on CBS

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  • One of my favorite episodes of all Star Treks, it has everything: drama, silliness, humor, a very trekkie view of humanity and, of course, Q!

    Poor Q, what a day! The Continuum strips him of all his powers, kicks him out and forces to make a choice – what kind of mortal being he wishes to be, considering, that the rest of his (now mortal) life he has to spend as one. Q chooses human and requests to be transport onboard Enterprise… and this is barely a start.

    At the very beginning I thought that this is going to be one of those funny, silly episodes, a type of show you want to watch on a rainy day. I was wrong, this is an episode you ALWAYS want to watch, no matter the weather, time of the day or mood.

    First of all, Q, who until now always got the back sit, gets his own, ‘100% Q’ episode. We see how he struggles, tries to accept his new life, how, despite the fact that Troi senses his great fear, he still is the same sarcastic, egocentric ex-god that we all know and love… that is until the Calamarian attacks. Suddenly, we see his panic, his helplessness, his lack of control and, despite the better judgment, we actually start to feel sorry for him.

    Another absolutely lovely attribute of this episode is the Q/Data interaction we see onscreen. Data, ironically, becomes Q’s teacher of humanity, shows him what it really means to be human, something that neither Picard or any other crew members (convinced that this is another of Q’s weird games) care to do. It’s Data sacrifice that finally makes Q realize what being human is really all about. Q’s speech in Picard’s office is brilliant and seeing captain’s indifferentness, we suddenly realize how cruel this punishment really is, that something obvious to some (Picard) and envied by the others (Data) can be, at the same time, a hell to someone else (Q).

    Despite the fact that there isn’t any real action in this episode, not a single second seems to be wasted or unnecessary. There is something to laugh of, something to think about and something dramatic, and just the right amount of each.