Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 26

Descent (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 21, 1993 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Data was in the Holodeck trying to duplicate the incident that caused his fit of anger, he tosses the Borg drone in frustration. If you listen, you can hear the Borg grunt when he hits the wall. When do Borg grunt?

    • Dialogue in this episode indicates that New Berlin colony is in a nearby system to the one the Borg attacked. However, the writers must have forgotten this fact as in the movie Star Trek: First Contact and the subsequent prequel series, Star Trek: Enterprise, New Berlin colony is situated on Earth's moon, Luna.

  • Quotes

    • Troi: I'm curious. Why are you ignoring the one emotion you have already experienced? Why aren't you trying to make yourself angry again?
      Data: Anger is a negative emotion. I wanted to concentrate on something more positive.
      Troi: Data, feelings aren't positive and negative. They simply exist. It's what we do with those feelings that becomes good or bad.

    • Crosis of Borg: We do not assimilate inferior biological organisms... we destroy them.

    • Sir Isaac Newton: Don't patronize me, I invented physics.

    • Picard: Well, it may turn out that the moral thing to do...was not the right thing to do.

    • Data: The sons of Soong have joined together, and together we will destroy the Federation.

  • Notes

    • The exterior shot of the Enterprise in the transwarp conduit is recycled footage from the ship flying in the subspace vortex from the episode "Time Squared."

    • The Borg ship seen in this episode is given the name of Assimilator in the video game Star Trek: Armada (2000).

    • Dr. Stephen Hawking wanted to appear on Star Trek so much that the poker scene in the holodeck was written specifically so he could.

    • The exterior shot of the outpost is recycled from "Starship Mine."

    • Matte painting for station is recycled - it was last used in "Starship Mine."

    • Stephen Hawking is the only person to appear as himself in the series

    • This is the show's only episode to feature the episode's title and non-main actor credits during the teaser, before the opening credits sequence. Also, like "The Best of Both Worlds", the title for the first episode does not hint at the fact that it is the first part of a two-part episode storyline.

    • The season finale was originally planned as a major crossover with Deep Space Nine and involve an entirely new alien race. However Paramount advised the producers against the idea in order to avoid alienating any of the stations which carried one series but not the other. This may explain why the ship used by the Borg in this episode and the one after appears different from any of the others seen before or since.

    • The U.S.S. Gorkon is named after the Klingon Chancellor from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

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