Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 13

Devil's Due

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1991 on CBS

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  • Holy crap....

    .... "Devil's Due" isn't as clever, thoughtful or fun as the writers apparently thought it would be. The basic crux of the plot is that a being, Ardra, returns to a planet that she claims she has a contract with to rule after one thousand years. She proves her authenticity by creating earthquakes and shape-shifting but leaves Cpt. Picard cynical and unimpressed. Now it's up to Picard and the Enterprise to figure out how to save the planet from her evil grip.

    The character of Ardra (played adequately by Marta DuBois) was meant to come back in future episodes to bug Picard and the Enterprise some more, as clearly seen through the episode's ending. However, since the character was not interesting in the least and bordered on annoying, she never did return to the show. "Devil's Due" is preachy and predictable; hardly one of the stronger episodes of Season 4 let alone the entire TNG series. Thankfully this has a number of funny scenes and impressive moments from Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner (regrettably not his Ebenezer Scrooge) or "Devils Due" would be a Season 4 write-off.
  • The Devil and Daniel Webster

    This somewhat comedic episode is a throwback reminiscent of the original Star Trek series. (In fact, the story was originally developed for the aborted Star Trek Phase II series, the series that turned into Star Trek: The Motion Picture.) The core of the story, of course, is older: it's essentially "The Devil and Daniel Webster". One of Trek's lighter episodes, it uses Picard and Data well, and features a nice guest star performance from Marta Dubois as Arda, the sexy devil. And while it will never make one of those "Top Ten TNG Episodes" lists, it was a big ratings hit and remains popular to this day.
  • The "Enterprise" answers a distress call from a science station on the planet Ventax II. It seem total chaos has broken out. The Ventaxians are convinced that Ardra has returned to fulfill a thousand-year-old contract. Andra is somewhat like our devil. An

    The "Enterprise" answers a distress call from a science station on the planet Ventax II. It seem total chaos has broken out. The Ventaxians are convinced that Ardra has returned to fulfill a thousand-year-old contract. Andra is somewhat like our devil. Andra tries to convince picard she has powers. She even tries to suduce Picard. Picard does not fall for it. In fact Picard request a arbitration. Who should Andra want to be the judge , Data the android. So far we find Andra to be the real deal, But is she? I rate this one a 8.0
  • Picard in a showdown with the Devil.

    The TNG Universe is a hyper-scientific one, and so when the Enterprise encounters a woman purporting to be the Devil, there's no doubt in our mind that she is a con-artist. The mystery is exactly how her tricks work.

    The premise itself is quite interesting and creative; the writers develop it well. Patrick Stewart and Marta Dubois click instantly (why couldn't she have been Troi's mom instead of Majel Barrett?), generating enough fireworks to propel the episode the entire way.

    While there is no heavy moral to be drawn from this episode, it's nevertheless an extremely entertaining 45 minutes.
  • The Enterprise comes to the rescue of a planet thrown into chaos when an ancient contract comes due. But the woman desiring to own the planet is not all she claims to be.

    This is a fun episode. Marta DuBois is delicious as Ardra, a woman you would not want to do business with. This thief has a nacelle's worth of flare. You believe her when she says she known by a lot of names.

    Of course Geordi is going to find the cloaked ship in orbit providing the magician with her bag of tricks. But in the meantime we are treated to Ardra's shenanigans. She visits the bridge, dresses herself up as a Klingon underworld figure, and is clearly having a good time. Picard's turn as a barrister during the arbitration scenes is also a game: he is going to outwit, outplay, and outlast this con artist.

    The best scene is when Ardra appears in Picard's quarters. She's arranged for a little privacy so you won't be calling for security, mister. The look on Picard's face when he's zapped to the planet in his bedclothes is priceless. This encounter could have been a lot more naughty if only he'd acquiesce.

    The opening scene ties "acting" and "fear" into the plot. I wouldn't mind seeing a Next Generation version of A Christmas Carol.

    I love this episode. I have probably seen it a dozen times since it first aired and I am still not bored with it.
  • Think "The Most Toys" combined with an un-produced script from "Star Trek:Phase II" (1978).

    The roots of this episode came from a disused script from the aborted 1978 TV revival of Trek (the revival came as a big screen movie...)

    Also look at "The Most Toys" and there are numerous similarities: * Contrived disaster of the week
    * Con artist collecting valuable things for his/her own pleasure
    * Picard and crew figuring out who's been naughty
    * Con artist hoisted by their own petard

    Having said all that, this episode is downright hilarious and does stand out as one of season 4's better episodes. The cast plays the story well and the balance of drama, seriousness, and humor is well laid out.

    Of course, for all of Ardra's tricks, how could she prevent Picard's door and communicator panel from working?

    Lastly, given the series' past, surely having Ardra impersonate Crusher would have been more effective than... Troi? Still, for everything I can knock against it, re-using story types is inevitable; it's the content that makes the story type proceed. In this case, "Devil's Due" does an excellent job.
  • This Episode Is Very Funny......

    I love this episode because it is one of the best ones, and it doesn't use that BORING music, like they usually do, and they meet Ardra, another woman that falls in love with The Captain.... and Captain Picard says his extremely lont title, and she says "Keep Up The Good Work...." and she is crazy and she calls Data "My Pale Friend", and she says "Your chair is offering a lovely view of my planet, Picard.... Come!! Sit With Me!!" and Data says "The Advocate will refrain from makeing her opponent disappear" and when Picard takes control of her powers he also acts crazy.... And Ardra beamed Picard to the planet and Geordi says "Captain Picard... But Captain, I wasn't expecting you here" "Neither Was I" and Geordi contacts Worf.... "Worf, Captain Picard Is Here. You'd better beam him back on board. " "Captain Picard?! But I have no... " and picard says to Worf " It's all right....." and worf tries to beam him on board and he says "Transporters malfunctioning, sir. Some kind of interference... Checking... " "Just send Mr. Data in a Shuttle..and have him bring a uniform" "Did you say UNIFORM?!" "Yes I Did"........But anyways, ardra gets caught, and in the end she says "Till We Meet Again Captain Jean Luc Picard Of The Federation Star Ship Enterprise....."