Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1991 on CBS

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  • "You may now give birth."

    This unique "fish out of water" episode was written as an homage to disaster movies, although it comes off as reminiscent of an old sitcom plot device as well. The episode has five different stories, expertly directed by Gabrielle Beaumont, making this one a very character-rich Trek installment. Picard's "stuck in the elevator" story (with children) is something new for Patrick Stewart to deal with, and he handles it wonderfully. Meanwhile, Troi finds herself the senior officer on the bridge despite having little knowledge of how to run the show, with Chief O'Brien and Ensign Ro having a better understanding of what's going on but disagreeing on what to do about it. The writers clearly struggle with this subplot, not yet having a handle on Ro's character, but Marina Sirtis (Troi) is fabulous with what she's given. Keiko, in typical television fashion, chooses this time to have her baby, which gives us our third big part of the episode, and allows Michael Dorn to shine as Worf the midwife. The D story features Riker and Data trying to get to engineering, and the E story has La Forge and Dr. Crusher in trouble in a cargo bay. Both are just there to give these characters something to do and are short and sweet. All the stories work well together, and the cutting from one to another keeps this one exciting from beginning to end.
  • Picard is taking the three young winners of a primary school contest on a tour of the ship. Picard and the kids enter the turbo lift, all of the sudden the turbo lift beings to drop rapidly.

    Picard is taking the three young winners of a primary school contest on a tour of the ship. Picard and the kids enter the turbo lift, all of the sudden the turbo lift beings to drop rapidly. The “Enterprise” has hit a quantum filament that has cause the ship to shake violently. The “Enterprise” is without power and communications is down. Troi is the only commanding officer on the bridge. She is faced with decisions she has never had to make before, Because Data, Riker, Geordi, Picard, Dr Krusher, and Picard are all stranded in other parts of the ship.
  • This is one of my favorite types of TNG episodes.

    This episode is interesting because of the fact that almost all of the bridge-crew is caught in a dire situation, some that even could turn out deadly. This episode is cool because it is another nightmare scenario on board the Enterprise D. It is always interesting how they escape the nightmare scenarios in this episode and every other episode like it.
  • A classic premise leads to some great character development.

    "Disaster" themes are a cliche in human mythology - a bunch of individuals rise above themselves in adversity. The disaster, and overcoming it, are a key element, but the story is really about the characters themselves. It's almost a surprise that TNG took more than 4 seasons to offer their own spin.

    There are five stories here. The best, without a doubt, is the Worf-Keiko plot. Yeah, it's a predictable one that has been used many times before - but it's done so well, for so many laughs, that you can't help enjoying it.

    The Picard-and-children is also extremely engaging. TNG had mixed success with kid actors and kid stories, but this is an obvious hit.

    The Riker-Data and Geordi-Crusher stories are fun filler. It's clear that on their own they would have been thin gruel, but in this context they work well.

    The Troi-Ro-O'Brien story may be the weakest link here. The writers clearly share Ro's contempt for Troi, which is probably well-deserved but still painful to watch. Still, at least they get points for honesty - a "Troi proves to be a convincing commanding officer" story would have been ludicrous.
  • Captain Picard faces his worst fear: children

    In this episode, Disaster, the Enterprise is rendered inoperative due to its colliding with two quantum filaments. Captain Picard is trapped in a turbo lift with three children. The rest of the crew is stuck in various areas of the ship trying to restore power and life support. Counselor Troi is left in command of the bridge and she has to deal with suddenly being thrust in command. Riker and Data must reach engineering and regain control of the ship. Riker and Data are able to prevent the ship from being destroyed and life soon returns to normal aboard the Enterprise.
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