Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 2

Encounter At Farpoint (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1987 on CBS

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  • On trial by the Q, the new Enterprise and her crew face a test on their first mission that will determine their ultimate fate.

    A very satisfying conclusion to the first adventure of the new Starship Enterpsise and its crew. The episode was well written and did a good job of keeping the viewers' interest. There is a major flaw in this episode however. When the alien creature attacks the Bandi homeworld, Groppler Zorn says to Picard that the creature is killing his people. Yet all we see is an empty city being destroyed. There is no trace of any dead or injured Bandi. Also, Picard orders Farpoint Station evacuated before feeding the captured alien creature the power it needs to return to it's mate. However the time from him giving the order to the time the energy beam was delivered was hardly enough time for the station to be evacuated. That aside, the episode did have a very good conclusion that I still enjoy to this day. It wasn't a perfect beginning but it was quite entertaining.
  • The maiden voyage of the starship Enterprise D introduces us to a new crew, which attempts to solve the mystery of Farpoint Station.

    The second part of the pilot focuses more on Farpoint than Q, but the story works pretty well and has a sweet ending. This, of course, is mandatory viewing for all Star Trek TNG fans; sure it has some clunkyness and can make us cringe today, but it's the start of it all, and a overall a good start at that. (Well to be accurate, it's the start of it all AGAIN. And TV Trek certainly had some rust to shake off, but part of the joy is seeing that done.) I give it a 10 for historical purposes, an 8 for entertainment, and a 9 overall.
  • Constantly watched over by the mysterious, God-like Q, the newly assembled crew of the Enterprise-D try to uncover the secret that Farpoint Station is hiding. Yes, a little slow and not classic TNG, but it's not THAT bad!...

    (...Review continued from Part 1)
    Note that I'm going by the original feature-length version, so specific scenes I refer to may appear in Part 1 and vice versa, in the shuffled two-part version.

    I've covered most of the main points of this Pilot in Part 1, but a few more thoughts...

    John de Lancie is very interesting as Q, in the first of many appearances in both TNG and its various follow-ons.

    The highlight of 'Encounter...' has to be the cameo by DeForest Kelley as the aged McCoy from the Original Series. His scene with Data is wonderful, and his line "I don't see no point on your ears boy, but you sound just like a Vulcan" is one of my all-time favourites from the show, and a lovely tie to the Original Series.

    We also get introduced to the Holodeck. The Holodeck (which had originally been planned for 'The Motion Picture' but was never really realized due to limitations of the time), is a fascinating concept, though I do feel that, particularly in later seasons, the series relied to heavily on it; after all, in the 'Star Trek Universe', the Holodeck is all a computer-generated illusion; I'd far rather see the crew beam down to an interesting new planet.

    The special effects are again of their time, coming only from the very dawn of the true digital effects age (the Enterprise and suchlike are all physical models in this series), but mostly do very well, and surprisingly haven't dated as badly as I thought they might, all things considering.

    A couple of characters I didn't touch upon in my review for Part 1 – I much prefer Troi's look here to her "severe" first season look (though both Troi and Dr. Crusher were often spare wheels in much of the series), and as I do now, as a kid I thought Geordi was really cool (and not just for his funky hairband visor); I've always liked strong black characters on TV.

    The story, though quite slow – both to due introducing the characters, and its general nature – is actually quite interesting and thought out, and things really liven up in this second half.

    All-in-all... 'Encounter at Farpoint' is certainly dated, and slow in places, and the series certainly hasn't fully found it's niche at this point, but even so, I can't help but feel that some have come to knock this Pilot to TNG unduly. It serves its purpose in introducing the characters, and has a decent plot to boot. Definitely not a Top 10 TNG episode, but it's not as bad as many make out, and after all, it did herald a new era of 'Trek'. As with Part 1, I give this half 9/10.
  • Conclusion. It seems the crew has been found guilty of being savages by the “Q”. Picard suggest to “Q” to give the crew a chance to prove itself innocent. The Farpoint station will provide a excellent opportunity to prove humans are highly evolved.

    Conclusion. It seems the crew has been found guilty of being savages by the “Q”. Picard suggest to “Q” to give the crew a chance to prove itself innocent. The Farpoint station will provide a excellent opportunity to prove humans are highly evolved. Commander Riker who is at Farpoint Station beams aboard the “Enterprise”stardrive section. Riker wants to know where the saucer section is. The saucer section with the help of Riker’s help rejoins the rest of the ship. A odd ship bearing no resemblance to any other ship appears. It commences firing on Deneb IV. Is this the end?
  • Q-uantum Of Star Trek (Part II)....

    The first of many journeys of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew and the mystery of the Farpoint Station continues in the second part of "Encounter At Farpoint." The second half of the two-part episode is not filmed as uniquely as the first half but the plot does become far more interesting, so there is some give and take to be seen here. The first encounter between Captain Picard and First Officer Riker is very engaging, there is a particularly entertaining scene between Riker and Data in the holodeck, and the episode's finale is absolutely fantastic. The only real drawback to the episode is Michael Bell's awful performance as the odd Farpoint supervisor Zorn - overall, part II gives a nice wrap up to the episode and a great launching pad for The Next Generation crew.
  • A better finale to the second part

    I have to disagree with the other reviewers. It was still only above average. However, I do agree it was better than the first episode and brought about a very good ending for the two parter.

    This epsiode is a fine example of what people should expect in the forth coming episode and one can clearly see the format and devices that would become the mainstay of most future episodes.

    Its good to see Data behaving not-so refined and Ryker not so much of a .... bidhead! Oh and they should have made a spin off with Q. What a great character. "Temper, temper, mon capitane!" Hilarious.
  • Fantastic Conclusion to the pilot.

    After watching Part 1 I was very much looking forward to watching the second part of this great episode, to be honest the first part was a little slow in parts, but Part 2 really picked up pace and the story was executed much better for the second part.

    I loved the fact that Picard and Q had this face off with each other, you can tell they are both on edge with each other, and the other crew members are just as baffled by the situation that Q has presented them for their first mission together.

    I love the final line of the episode for Picard... "Let's see whats out there... Engage" pointing out the fact that this new era of Star Trek has begun.
  • After a mediocre beginning, the pilot concludes on a strong note.

    The second half of "Encounter at Farpoint" is much stronger than first, largely because stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Many of the obnoxious features of the first half are still here (bad acting, bad writing, bad production values, bad music) but the story is pretty good. As is, it's one of the strongest 45 minutes of the weak 1st season. There's a nice cinematic touch to the sequence when the two alien life forms depart into space.

    There is also the great holodeck sequence, probably the best thing in the episode -- first a well-written dialogue between Riker and Data, then a hilarious sequence involving Wesley slipping into the creek.

    I think it's interesting, given the degree to which Worf was developed later in the series, that he is completely a blank Klingon canvas here; aside from wanting to fight at every opportunity (at one instance, prompting the Captain to request that he not blow a hole through the viewer).
  • This was a pretty good episode, all around.

    This was a pretty good episode, and I liked it because it was the first time that the Enterprise-D crew met Q. I was waiting eagerly for the next time Q was encountered when I had first watched this episode. Q's powers are astounding, and I bet that everyone who watched this episode wanted, at the very least, 1 of Q's powers.
  • The Second Half Of The First Episode To A New Series:

    This Is The Second Half Of The First Episode To A New Series. And It Is A Great Conclusion. There Is A Happy Ending, And Those Life Forms Were Reunited, And Q Won't Destroy Anything, And The People At Farpoint Station, Which Happens To Be A Reconstructed Life Form, Are Doomed Since Their City Is In Ruins And They Have To Rebuild The Station. Q Appeared In The First Episode And Will Continue To Appear Again As He Learns More About The Mortals. Also Dr. Crusher And Captain Picard Have Strong Feelings For Each Other, But Captain Picard Thinks That Dr. Crusher Won't Want To Work On The Enterprise Since Picard Ordered Her Husband To His Death... This Is Also Why He Dislikes Wesley At First... I Wish They Would Have Explained This Better... And I Guess This Is All I Can Think Of To Put In This Review...
  • A great start for a new show.

    Now part 2 of the series premiere. Star Trek has a new face, it's now filled with computer generated special effects lacking from the original. The effects themselves are the story tool. They help move the plot along. The show is much more believable because of the effects. This is a really cool show. We see mysterious lifeforms, new breed of aliens, and planets only our imaginations can see. The wonders of sci fi is unleashed with this show, this is really a cool show. I like it when Capt. Picard says, engage, it has a lot of weight when Patrick Stewart says it.
  • this is the second episode and the whole crap with Q happens like i explained in the first episode summary...

    great episode...a great mystery episode. they set everything up well and it introduces what TNG is about....exploring space and discovering things beyond our imaginations...

    i thought it was well acted and is still always a joy to watch. this may be one of my favorite episodes too. absolutely loved it
  • The second part of the first episode. Better than the first part.

    This is the second part of the very first episode in TNG. This episode is better than the first, because much more happens, and more important character personalities are revealed. Riker is introduced, and so is Beverly Crusher, and her son Wes. Troi is hillarious in this episode, she is so much more emotional in this episode vs. the rest of the series. Thankfully she tones it down. The way the TNG crew overcomes Q in this episode is very nice, and sets up the theme for the rest of the series: with a little resourcefulness, the TNG crew can overcome anything, and in this episode, the crew certainly does.
  • Introduction continued

    More action than the preceding episode, and a lot more character development.

    More force-feeding of characters unusual aspects, this time with Geordi, and also continuing with Data. I guess his visor seemed quite a futuristic advance in 1987. I think it would have been nice to let the viewers figure out what it did by showing us over the next few episodes, but no, we have to have a set-up so that Lt. La Forge can describe the details to the viewers.

    I think that the control panels on the side of the ship could have been introduced in a manner that didn't need to make Riker seem like an idiot. I find it hard to believe that an ensign assigned to the ship would know more about its functions than the first officer would.

    It seemed to me that Q couldn't make up his mind as to whether he wanted to help the Enterprise crew or whether he desired to destroy them. I suppose he simply liked playing with them, no matter the outcome.

    The ending of the episode is great! Little does Picard know that the trial has not ended, and the last word he utters before the credits is the ever-famous, "Engage!"
  • This episode is very good and started the series very well. It may have not been as good as some of the later episodes, but was one of the best early ones.

    This episode is very good and started the series very well. It may have not been as good as some of the later episodes, but was one of the best early ones.

    The series changed over the years, but this was worth watching, even though the series itself was not that great originally. This was an exciting episode that should be watched.