Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 3

Ensign Ro

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1991 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Captain Picard beams his away team down to the same location Ensign Ro had done earlier, he loses his pips. When he steps on the Transporter Pad he has them on and when he rematerializes in the cave they have disappeared.

    • As Riker says, all officers must observe Starfleet uniform codes. However, Worf gets to wear his sash and Deanna any number of different uniforms.

  • Quotes

    • Guinan: And so now, you're sitting in crowded rooms just staring at your drink. I think you enjoy it.
      Ensign Ro: I enjoy it?
      Guinan: Well, you're working so hard at torturing yourself. I can only think that you enjoy it.

    • Ensign Ro: You are not like any bartender I met before.
      Guinan: And you're not like any Starfleet officer I met before. But that sounds like the beginning of a...very interesting friendship.
      Ensign Ro: I don't stay anywhere long enough to make friends.
      Guinan: Too late. You just did... Excuse me.

    • Guinan: Am I disturbing you?
      Ensign Ro: Yes.
      Guinan: Good, you look like someone who likes to be disturbed.
      Ensign Ro: I'd rather be alone.
      Guinan: Oh, no you wouldn't.
      Ensign Ro: I beg your pardon?
      Guinan: If you wanted to be alone you would've stayed in your quarters.

  • Notes

    • Did Ro worship the Pah'Wraiths? All Prophet-fearing Bajorans wear their earrings on their right ear. Ro wears hers on her left ear. However, if she did worship the Pah'Wraiths, she'd have a red earring (shown in several DS9 episodes), not silver.

    • This marks the debut episode for the Bajoran people.

    • This episode was supposed to set up Ensign Ro Laren's character for her later assumption of her role on DS9. She was to play the part of the Bajoran Major but she backed out of the deal.

  • Allusions

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